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#hi. Show me your Uglies!

#hi. Show me your uglies.
brought to you by #hi

Hello everyone, welcome to the most bestest event ever made. Coming just in time for Halloween, this event celebrates the variety and diversity of the types of people that we have in our community. An event where the very best, the very worst and everyone in between can enter and feel like they have a decent chance of winning. Welcome everyone to the first “#hi. Show me your Uglies!”.

The Goal

The goal of the event is to create art that is as horrible, detestable and abhorrent as humanly possible. Just make the worst possible drawing ever.
The one artist that is really bad at drawing things and puts enough effort into it to convince us of the uglyness of the piece will win this event.


• You may do both digital and traditional art. If you do traditional art please make sure that the picture you provide is of good quality. We don't like bad quality pictures.
• The size of the piece should be whatever you are comfortable drawing with. Make sure it is not too small or too big. Use your common sense.
• You may only submit one piece of art . Change your entry as often as you like until the end of the deadline.
• To enter the competition you must agree to set the winning picture as your avatar for a minimum of one day. All the judges and a few other people not participating will also do that. We won’t enforce this rule but will look down on people who chose not to follow it with coldblooded arrogance.
• Please upload the picture to imgur, use [img] and [spoiler] tags.


• Draw as terribly as you can. If you have any skills, try to forget about them or use them to make the drawing look that much worse.
• Effort will be put into consideration. A mere stickman won’t win the prize if someone with no skills at all put a lot of work into his shitty piece and managed to make it look really abhorrent somehow.
• We judge the lack of technique, lack of good colour combinations, contrasts, correct tools used and so forth.
• Themes are important. Make sure not to doodle around randomly. SOMETHING should be recognizable. A good concept that makes us laugh will beat a bad concept that looks really bad but is boring to look at. We will not tell you what to draw. Use your lack of imagination.


1st place: 230k tc, a free usertitle that can be a picture if you want (no bigger than 20-25 px tho pls), a new item called “Terrible Artist” whose only owner the winner of this event will be, and stable flame (ID: 2325) along with a particle texture. Also 69 chronos timers.
2nd place: 70k tc, 262 gladiator items, orc torso ivory relax
3rd place: 15k and 57tc, 37 chronos hairs, chronos timer
Last place: 90 chronos relaxes, Gladiator Secondary Gradient, your very own personalised crappily designed and signed drawing from the judges.

Please note that prizes may or may not get altered during the event. We still accept donations and the prizes may get re-arranged depending on the entries and how close the decisions will be.


ishi again

Event dates:
The event will start when it has been posted, will run for approximately 4 weeks and will end on halloween (31/10/2013 - 00:01 AM in GMT+0:00/EST+4:00)

P.S: we don’t want just any bad drawing. We want something that hurts to look at. Something that will make us hate you for creating. Something that will make you hate yourself. If the toribash art community can’t create something that abhorrent then nobody can.


Text : 50 chronos relaxes
Facade : a shit load of gladiator items and a stable flame along with a particle texture
Erth : 60k
Ishi : 60k + image usertitle + new item
pal: 100057tc which are on redundant now.
imapirate: 85k which are on redundant now.
Eason: 10k which are on redundant now, 40 chronos relaxes, a ivory relax.
Jsnuffmars sent me a chronos timer.
Dscigs sent me 69 chronos timers.
ztc01 sent me a Gladiator Secondary Gradient
Retasim sent me 37 chronos hairs.
Deuteria sent me orc torso.
Not decided yet: Someone will have to buy a chronos timer!!1

Get crackin'

edit: In case you have no idea what this is about:

Originally Posted by 77077 View Post
I think GM's should tell us what they exactly want maybe an example?

I suggest you take your time when you make this. You have a couple of weeks before the event ends after all. Some people I know put a lot of effort into it and will submit it last second.
Also, this is a lovechild of the marketsquad. The marketsquad is far superior.

How are you?

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*feel free to post anything that would make us vomit, we're not scared to publicly humiliate people for their pretty developed and designed masterpieces

maybe you can post selfies

good luck and have fun
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oh i got dis.

reserved for my self humiliation!
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I'll sponsor the time! Transaction proof.That timer is at least a a month old, so you can call it "vintage".

Post reserved for throwing in an entry and showing that bad winning avatar right there on left side. c:
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did i win yet
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Can we add vulgar imaging into our "art"

ie: goatse
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Uh, let's go with “no”. Common sense applies even in this event.
How are you?
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Totally gon' win dis
I've been born for this.
My drawing level is over -9000
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Okay i am in
Time to show my awesome art work
Winning means dominating over countless dead bodies
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I can't draw worth a horses ass :P
And am I allowed to use vulgar language in the picture itself? I have a really funny idea involving some recent events


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