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The Godsquad Presents...

What's up guys, we are the Godsquad. Your friendly neighborhood event people, bringing you massive amounts of fun, with creative events and good mods (courtesy of God Team). We have a cornucopia of fun stuff for you guys during your summer vacation. Pole-vaulting, diving, rope climbing, and much more. In terms of events, we've got some replay competitions, mini games, teamwork events, and a great boxing competition all laid out for you. Of course, we're also giving out loads of prizes. This thread is for any questions or things you want to talk about directly to the Godsquad, or about this specific event. Each of these events will be laid out below. The names will become links as the event becomes live, so check the thread frequently if you want to see which events are live and at what time.

Godsquad Member List


Toribash Summer Camp

Participate by yourself, or join a team led by Godsquad's finest where you will be competing for the most wins in our camp mods. The team with the most wins at the end of this event will earn everyone in that camp a prize. However, the individual that gets the most win will earn themselves an individual prize. So whether you want to work as a team, or work by yourself it's up to you.

Nabi's Next Top Model

Show off your beach bod in this event as you walk down a runway, filled with obstacles to avoid. Chairs and umbrellas whirling past you, falling debris, you name it. But at least you look good, right? This is a replay competition, where you'll have to strut down a beach-side runway filled with beach themed obstacles. Gaining style points for the ways you dodge these obstacles and looking good while you do it.

Summer Slugfest

Alright, this is the big finish. A boxing event for the ages. Sign up as a manager or a boxer. Boxers will be competing in matches throughout this event on specific days we set up. We'll call them.. 'fight nights', where it's Boxer vs. Boxer, everyone trying to climb to the top. As for the managers, you guys will be able to sponsor and bet on whichever boxer you deem fit for each fight night. To keep track of the most prosperous managers, we will provide you with 'betcredits'. This means you will have an amount of 'betcredits' given by us to bet on your boxer ahead of time via the forums. More of this will be explained when the event becomes live.

Ongoing Tournaments/Mini-games

Along with these big events, we will be having tournaments with a wide range of fun mods, most of them brought to you by God Team and the essence formerly known as TheGod. Expect large TC prizes, trivia and extra prizes for doing tasks ingame. We also will be holding mini-game servers in which these mods will either have a specific goal to complete rather than beating up your opponent, or co-op where you will have to work together with your opponent to earn your prize.

We've got a lot planned for you guys this summer.

BIG prizes and dope mods.

All brought to you by Godsquad. Enjoy!

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\o/ Sounds awesome!
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The ideas are original and outstanding. I like seeing such events in toribash. Thank you based godteam.
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This sounds great guys, wouldent expect anything less from the god team
Also, sign me up for boxer! :O

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Awesome to see you guys keeping the summertime fresh with some more fun events. I'll be sure to join up for at least a few of these
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This sounds mint! Looking forward to winning some of those prizes!
Bring On The Thunder!
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Nice! This will be fun!
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I feel it's only appropriate that I participate in this, as the 'Arch Villain'
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I didn't understand the event "summer camp" this is " everyone bet an item and the winner keep them all" right?
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Originally Posted by Astral View Post
I didn't understand the event "summer camp" this is " everyone bet an item and the winner keep them all" right?

no, everyone is divided into 4 teams and the winning team gets a prize plus the best individual gets an extra prize (and its a good one)
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