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In the last part:

قد تبدو غير عادلة لبعض المستخدمين لأننا تجعلك تدفع عن هذه الأمور، ولكن على حد سواء لجمع الأموال لتشغيل السيرفيرس وتقليص استخدام عرض النطاق الترددي.

It should be bandwidth utilization, usage doesn't make sense much in arabic. (I can read arabic, big whoop.)

Thanks to both, didn't ask for the translation still thanks :o
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I didnt know what to write on that one :O
so i used google and a dictionary page on that one :O
I still dont know what to write
And the size is too small
and i cant size the list
INB4 14 days ban

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It's alright, I fixed it.
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Translation in urdu
Urdu mein tarjuma

Toriprime ya Vip kiya hota hai

Toriprime aur vip aik service hai jo ap yahan. kharid sakte hain

Toriprime jo hai wo $10 per 1 saal , aur VIP jo hai $7 for 6 mahine ke liye maujood hai, lekin ap vip tabhi khareed sakte hain jab apke pass toriprime ho.

Toriprime ki Saholiat
  • Signature mein 4 linein likhne ki sahuliat
  • Khaas Toriprime board ki sahuliat
  • Search button ka istimal karne ki sahuliat.
  • Bari , bari tasveeren avatar mein rakhne ki sahuliat.
  • Apne Signature mein bhi tasveerein ghusedna ( 400x100 pix tak).

VIP ki sahuliaat
  • Aur bare avatar (150x150 pix tak).
  • Animated Avatar rakhne ki.
  • Special character apna naam se pehle lagane kijese %Brawni $Brawni
  • 6 linein signature mein rakhne ki
  • Signature mein aur bhi barin tasveerein , kasam se loot rahein gain (up to 650x150 pixels).
  • GIF signature mein rakhne ki
  • Post ke peeche background rakhne ki
  • Broadcasting mein adhi keemat jese 10k se 5k
  • Vip board (aik aur khoofia board)
  • Vip achievements bhi lelo.

Bhai ye sahuliat hai . ghalat istimal kia, ham iske khilaf action lelenge.

bhai jese ke apko pata hai iski keemat ziada hai , lekin ye sab toribash ko chalane mein , aur servers ko khula rakhne mein use karte hain

kuch loot te bhi hain
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