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Old Mar 16, 2017   #1
Updating game tutorials
I initially posted this in a hidden staff place, copying it here because I need more feedback.

Hi, I'm planning to spend few next weeks/months updating game tuts. There are ideas of what to include there to make tutorials actually helpful, but I found myself struggling with creating a proper scenario. So yeah, I thought someone here might help.

General outline:

  • Basic Training
    Its goal is to explain how Tori body works. Don't think anyone will sit through a 5-minute story about how each joint affects your movements though, so it needs to be interactive.
    • Beginning
      Two or three replays to finish would probably serve as a good enough start. Extend the leg to decap, do something with your arm to finish a punch, bash an opponent with your head - something like that. Basically same as current tutorials, but I believe they can work if proper explanations are added.
    • Main part
      More advanced cases would go here, preferably with custom mods. Show them most basic ways to jump, touch and grab things. This part can demonstrate the difference between hold/relax play styles (i.e. attempt to jump while in hold all and you'll fall on your back, use relax and you're good).
    • Final
      I was thinking about replicating a MP fight (in aikido?) here where you're guided from the beginning to the end. It can show players a range of useful stuff right away - they get an opener, they're told to use different joints and it's explained why they have to move this or that joint at this exact moment so they actually learn something, and it prepares them for fight uke tutorial which now requires them to defeat uke 3 times in a row. Also a properly set-up fight would look cool so they can save the replay afterwards.

  • Advanced Technique
    The goal is to cover more advanced aspects of the gameplay - balance, getting points and so on.
    By saying "and so on" I mean there should be something else to explain but I don't really know what.

    This one can either be split into a range of challenges to complete or made as a regular tutorial similar to the one I described above. If it's made as a list of challenges, I think I can make it securely store the progress so that you didn't have to complete them all in one run - and they can have different complexity levels. Challenge examples:
    • Get n points (more points, add "dismember opponent n times" task as you level up)
    • Balancing
      Originally Posted by Gynx
      balance for 500f/50tf without dq in a small dojo -> balance for 500f/50tf without dq + moving 5 joints a turn -> balance on this pole for 500f/50tf without dq -> balance on a smaller pole without hands for 500f/50tf without dq

    • Time trial - you're given a mod, you need to get from point A to point B. Goes from a simple "make a step" task to running through a parkour mod.

    Having it done as a regular tutorial would require simplified tasks as they'll have to complete it in one run, so probably keeping separate challenges would be better.

I've also reworked the first replay from "Basic Training" tutorial:
Feedback is welcome, as well as some bug testing.
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for the advanced techniques, it might be nice to have short tutorials before the challenge. For example, "how to run" before a time trial.

more ideas for these could be:
inside grabs
grab "glitch"
ground control
advanced suplex
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