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Original Post
learning to paint
This is my 'painting diary', where I'll post wips of stuff that I'm drawing.
I started drawing everyday since I made this thread, at least 1-2 hours a day.
Some spoilers contain comments and tid bits of information about the state of the picture.
Below are all the shit I made

[ABANDONED] Makeup lady weird eyebrows

[FINISHED] Paul McCartney from the beatles



Program: Manga Studio
Tool: Wacom Intuos
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Okay, for my next one I'll do a full figure painting of a singer screaming at the top of his lungs in some weird pose.

idk which pose to pick so I'll leave it up for voting.
Voting ends when I finish painting the rose.
Please vote on the pose itself, not how good/ anatomically accurate the sketch is


Fast forward 2 years and I 'finished' 2 paintings and started about half a dozen...
I have about 20 images saved that I want to paint. Mostly goofy, weird or interesting stuff that I found on the internet.
I'll post some stuff here every now and then (possibly another 2 years later...) to preserve stuff and motivate myself.

[Barely started] Fat guy from the movie with pinhead

[Barely started] MC Ride

[Almost complete] Buff lady from a jackie chan movie

[Almost complete] EW cover art

[Finished] River dolphin

[Finished] Flower

I'll consider putting up a poll on what should I draw next in the future.
first of all, you did really good job on the last pieces.

I like your form and silhouettes.

I am just a bit annoyed on how you mix your colors, looks like you smudge them without scattering, looks not so soft as with scatters, and looks smudgy, not smooth.

Go ahead and mess with contrast in your paintings, you made some of them without speculars or strong shadows, and neither cast shadows.

They have nice design and colors, you just need more refining and pushing more the values and colors.