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Originally Posted by Ele View Post
On your first point about not turning ideas into action, I'm somewhat infamous for my stubbornness in turning my ideas into action, so you might just be unaware. When I have ideas I think should be implemented, I bring them to the S&I board. If it's a big idea, usually I'll post in Discussion or Off-topic about it too, and I'll add a poll to the S&I thread. At the end of the day though, there's only so much that I (as a regular non-staffer) can do. I have no ability to actually implement my ideas. All I can do is put my ideas out their and try to convince the community and staff that it's a good idea.. But it's the staff who ultimately decide what happens. Sometimes they'll even go against what the community wants - So even if I do manage to convince the community to get behind an idea, the staff can still just say 'Nah'. Because of that, I don't think it's fair to say that I don't put my thoughts into practice - I always attempt to, but I have no decision-making authority to make my ideas reality. That authority belongs to staff leaders.

don't get me wrong there, I certainly was unaware, and I really appreciate your contribution to community. It's just that I'm new around here on forum.
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