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The game itself isn't a very good game

Mainly players leave because of the learning curve
Honestly I just stayed because I had friends here and to market shit

Toribash is one of a kind hell it's the only game out there that's this kinda game
Toribash could've made itself a new genre of gaming but the community didn't last long and the devs only started caring now
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I would say the game was never really alive. It had an influx when they put it on Steam, because Steam people were giving the game a try and ended up not liking it, most of them, so they all left. As for is the community alive, I think that's a matter if opinion, of course it is and I think it's alive.
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Yeah, Toribash is not simple for a novice player, he has to learn a lot and still have to deal with all these problems of "alts" "toxic players" etc. There are many players out there who still do not know how incredible the forum is unfortunately.

When I started playing Toribash, I had difficulty and soon I thought "it's not for me" but then I did not get carried away by that thought and I wondered how many people knew how to play this game. Then I started to learn to play. I won tournaments and bought items, and that was my cycle for a long time. Until I joined a clan, in which I learned the basics of the forum. Then I created my own clan and then i learned more and more, and here i am. And you know what I do to this day? I teach and help new players who enter in my clan, I help people who send me a private message and so on. Do your part, ignore toxic players, help new players, and get involved with this community.
Is Toribash's community dead?


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To me the community as i knew it died but the newer community is and will be the new predecessors to our past. They're very active and thats what we need. It warms my heart when i see the new players joining asking how to do this and how to do that, because it reminds me of when i was in their shoes. To me I feel the game might evolve into something better or worse. It could go south but who's to say it might not get better. In my opinion, we need better staff. The staff for this game dont care as much as they should, which completely ruin this game.

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Originally Posted by SpartaCraft View Post
For me, the game's community has degraded into a shitfest of drama, toxicity and arguments about which obscure player/personality is the "best" at clicking their balls in an attempt to create an unrealistic-but-mildly-interesting adaptation of what they consider to be "fighting" in an environment which is bound by awkwardly simple physics parameters. Basically, for me it's now an "underwhelming" multiplayer experience.

It's a good couch-party game for people of specific tastes. But as a competitive eSport, I would like to know if anyone thinks the game will ever get another impulse of non-toxic community members (like when it was released on Steam).

If you get involved with any community ever you will realise that it's all the same.
Of course when you only play the game and dont pay attention to your surroundings it always seems like a nice and simple environment, however, if you look deeper every community got its drama, arguments and shit loads of toxicity. It's fairly easy to avoid toxicity, especially in a game where team play is almost non existent (except sparing and such)

The game never was intended to be esports. Sure, there definitely are people that take it as esport, but the fact is that it's not supposed to be competitive beyond ranked rooms.

The game itself is not as important at this stage, it's more about the community that this game spawned. Even if the game doesn't get as much attention anymore, the forums are still definitely alive and very much so, that the daily post count is nearly as high as it was 2, 3 or even 4 years ago.
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the game(and the forums) may have degraded over the course of the years,but they are still pretty much active.if you look at every single community,they all have their drama and stuff,not only this one.its just that a lot of players usually leave because of the nature of the learning curve(and the fighting school mode isnt really good even after the update).

if someone insults you(in a serious conversation,i mean)just ignore him.they are basically calling for you to follow their mind game.

well,some people do take this as an esports,but it isnt really sponsored at all(and such it isnt one),since only real competitive things are:

1.ranked matches and 2.tourneys

thing is that this game is not very widely know,so it doesnt gets as much attention as past years,but its still quite alive.
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Saying the game was never intended to be an esport is rather interesting considering the game was almost certainly heading in a more "competitive" direction for a good while.

Whether or not you directly correlate competitiveness to an esport is up to you, and I certainly don't like the "feeling" that the term esport gives off.

A public example of this is in the TORIBASH TAKEOVER hampa interview, hampa explains that he would like to make the game more competitive, and lists a couple of ways he plans on doing this.

Due to this, anyone can conclude that the game was at least intended to be more competitive than it currently is. That being not really at all.

Whether or not that is the right choice is up to debate.

Wrote up a big long post about my opinions on Toribash, but instead I'm just going to leave this here. Too many opinions.

I don't think forum activity can substitute for actual in-game activity. I know many of us who used to want to be good at Toribash no longer are interested in doing so.

Reasons may vary, but all I'm going to say is I think the people who are currently giving hampa ideas for what the game should be really need to stop and understand where this game is strongest, and ways to improve upon those concepts. Cosmetics and all are nice, and matchmaking is great; but matchmaking won't matter if people aren't consistently playing, and cosmetics are really just a content band-aid for updates that are short on new ideas. (And don't get the wrong idea, if you fellas are just trying to make up for slow development time, then by all means)

This game will be alive and active as long as meaningful updates continue to appear. So if you feel that the game is dying or is dead, you know why that is.
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When you say community, you point out the ingame community. You should hangout on the forums a lot more, people aren't as "toxic" on here.

just wanna point out that every game has a toxic community, take consideration in kitty's post.
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i dont know what toxic is to you guys, but you should check out LoL, Overwatch, CS:GO, M.U.G.E.N, DOTA, or even online chess! they are worse than tb on so many levels, even considering how smal we are.
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you know what would greatly boost the community in my opinion? Toribash for consols!!!! jk that would be a clusterfuck to try and play using a controller.
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