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The new IT remake
How did you find it? Personally I did not find Pennywise a chilling antagonist, then again I'm not afraid of clowns at all so I probably wouldn't find any other actor or design frightening for the role. The movie itself I thought was 7/10, I liked the mix of comedy with some genuinely impressive effect work. The side plots involving Beverley's abusive father and Eddie's lonely control freak mother were interesting and enjoyable. I was mostly let down by the scare factor, especially after Stephen King said it was terrifying, and I am not the hardest to scare. I felt like towards the end especially Pennywise became somewhat pathetic and laughable, while at the start I found him more menacing. Perhaps this was intended. So, thoughts?
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Thought it was great. I went in expecting to hate it due to the obnoxious press run it did, but it was very well done. The kids were great in their roles and the effects were amazing. Definitely agree the first half was stronger in the traditional horror sense but I imagine thats them prepping for pennywise ramping up for part 2. I'd see it again tbh

EDIT: Definitely a movie that I don't think I'd really enjoy if it wasn't in theatres tho. At the very least it needs to be enjoyed with a good sound system.
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I've never seen the first It movie, well, tv series that they had of the movie, but I thought the new one was really good. I used to hate scary movies but i started going to see them with friends and I enjoy them now, and I thought the movie was fucking great. It had its humor but you never really laughed enough to forget that the movie is a horror movie, which kind of made for an awkward spooky feeling that made it a lot scarier for me. The kids in the movie did an amazing fucking job in this movie, and that richie kid made me crack up lol. Its overall a pretty good movie imo, but i cant relate it to the first installment of the film since i havent seen it, but i plan to watch the old one soon and also the new movie whenever it comes out.
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