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The Item Forgers are recruiting!

Hey all, the Item Forgers are recruiting!

If you're not familiar with the Item Forgers, they create all the items that you see in toribash, from hairs and new colours to the 3D objects released monthly.
They're looking for some talented people to join their ranks. Is it you?

What are we looking for?

Activity - We need to be able to trust you're going to actively contribute to the team and the community.

Reliability - Do you have a clean background? We're looking for someone that we can trust. Remember, #NoLeaks

Modelling / Texturing Experience - This is the most important aspect, if you do not have experience in texturing or 3D modelling you need not apply. (You don't need experience in both)

Nabi Partner System

As an Item Forger you are entitled better rewards for releasing items. You can read more about this and more here


If you think you fit the bill of someone we can rely on to bring new content to this game, then send your application to Any ES member. (purple names)
Please include examples of your work in your application, and if its your first time applying - check out Dargon's App Tutorial. If you have any questions feel free to message me or leave them in this thread.

Thanks to Hagan for the Forum Banner
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Does a good nativity of the adobe creative cloud suite and blender suitable?
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Originally Posted by Wiggitywoo View Post
Does a good nativity of the adobe creative cloud suite and blender suitable?

as long as the 3d program can export the model as obj it doesnt matter
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just a quick question:

what would the waiting period be for joining The Item Forgers? I know it'd probably be hard to estimate considering the amount of thought that'd have to go into recruiting people. Would you say maybe a week or two as an estimate, though?
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when you apply to IF they post your application in a private board and people vote yes or no, so time it takes to be accepted/denied relies on how active the people on the board is. It usually doesn't take that long, around a week is normal I guess.
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Originally Posted by Platavion View Post
No as long as you can export the model as .obj

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Originally Posted by SEBASPRO88 View Post

hey there
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I messaged Neko a few days ago with no response from him/her, I didnt provide much info but i did show one of the renders from blender i did with my name, and age and all that good stuff. I hope they are just gone for a bit because silence is worse than getting a no.
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Haven't seen your app. Fwd it to me, Neko's a bit busy irl currently.
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Is my app present? XD
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