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Old Aug 27, 2018   #1
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whats your favorite thing to do when you're bored
i play rocket league when im bored

what about you guys
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I attach the plastic bags you get from the grocery store onto my arms and jump off of my couch - pretending that I'm parachuting.
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Hip 2 Be Square
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i practice gang signs so when i go to the city i can throw up the wrong ones and get shot
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Old Aug 27, 2018   #4
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laughing at ban appeals used to be my go-to
now i mostly just meme on discord while playin guitariera
так форибаш
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i open this website
free my melanin-enhanced fellow bobby shmurda
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I have A lot of friends on 8chan Belt
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I listen to this
“Aaah rum zum zum aaah rum zum zum booly booly booly booly booly rum zum zum”
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Old Aug 27, 2018   #7
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I usually surf the youtube for hours, check this forum for anything intresting or just go out with my friends and have fun.
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Old Aug 28, 2018   #8
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nothing cause i have concussion so im bored all the time and im not allowed to do anything
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Replay thread thing
Have any reports or issues?

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Old Aug 28, 2018   #9
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i work an office job with little actual duties so i am an expert at this

some favorites:
  • Cookie Clicker (dangerous)
  • Grind speed chess matches (
  • Find some free ebooks to read on my laptop (,
  • browse music and find new artists to get into (youtube recs aren't bad,,
  • open twitter, close twitter, open twitter, open reddit, close twitter, open twitter, close reddit
  • study videos to get me better at super smash bros melee
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Old Aug 28, 2018   #10
oh yeah
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1. Videogames + music or podcasts in the background
2. Practice archery
3. Read
4. Watch a movie if I have a lot of free time
oh yeah
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