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Toribash Dev
Toribash 5.4
Toribash 5.4 is now available on Steam!

All updates starting with Toribash 5.4 are exclusive to modern UI.

Updates in this release:

  • Toribash Quests!
    Now you can earn additional Toricredits and items by completing mini-tasks. There's no limit on how many quests you can complete per day, so have fun!

    Quests as seen in Notifications screen

  • New Tutorials!
    Tutorials got remade from scratch and are now more fun and helpful!

    Me receiving guidance from Sensei

  • Lots of new features
    In Toribash 5.4 we overhauled almost all old UI menus, including mods, shaders and settings.
    There's also new MoveMemory that's now built into the game, advanced tooltip and other little things like profanity filter for chat.

Get Toribash on Steam:
If you're still using Windows XP (do you also have a tinfoil hat?), switch to classicxp branch in Steam to get the game working.

Standalone installers:
- Windows (Vista or newer):
- macOS:

If you'd like to create content (such as new tutorials, atmospheres or anything else) or work on translations for Toribash 5.4+, let me know.

Have fun playing and Merry Christmas!

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Why the hell did you censor profanity automatically in game?
Honestly, what's the point. This is a game that features dismemberment and blood, yet I can't use fuck in a non offensive manner?
Why are you catering to a group of players that basically don't exist in TB (IE: anyone under the age of 12 i'd imagine)
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You would surprised on how many people under 12 here. But honestly thought, with current sensitive-era profanity is not limited to people on that said age group. But well, regardless i feel like profanity automated censorship is a bit exaggerated. How about censor only slur, i don't know how this works actually.
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i feel like only the n word should be censored
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Originally Posted by Valterain1 View Post
Why are you catering to a group of players that basically don't exist in TB (IE: anyone under the age of 12 i'd imagine)

The vast majority of beginners are kids, I think it should be on by default. It’s to some degree a good way to deal with the lack of in-game moderation. Waiting for a moderator to join a lobby is inefficient.

That being said it’s probably a good idea to make it toggle-able, if it isn’t already.
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Old Dec 26, 2018   #15
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When is the standalone version gonna drop?
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So like how the snappo do I use move memory now? It doesn't show up when I press F1.
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Standalone release date?
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will toribash 5.4 in standalone?
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Old Jan 9, 2019   #19
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am i able to get 5.4 on standalone?
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who is 5.4 on standalone?
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