Toribash World Championship 2019
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Toribash Diss Tracks and Funnies
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Capricious Jo

Oh shit, it's the ice cream truck! [Jojo is surprised because the Ice Cream truck rolled by. He subsequently fled the recording booth in pursuit of said truck]

Kidz Bop Ken

Winnas pullin’ up? Hittas gotta go to work. [The clan Win 'pulls up' and ken and his homies go in to defeat them]
Aim like Lando – don’t need no motherfuckin’ force. [Ken plans on shooting everyone he faces like Lando Calrissian from the Star Wars universe]
Devin ducked ‘hind the racks, At the bank – come through the back. [Shmevin hides in the bank while Ken robs the place like a real G]
Turn his rack into rags. Call it ez pz clap clap [Ken is going to duel Devin and take all his money because ken is a real G and Shmevin is a poser]
Milli milli miles on the bus Southwest, [Ken has a million miles on the Southwest Airlines... bus?]
Going down on TB, [Ken plans on giving TB a blowjob]
Gotta put ‘em to the test. [Ken is going to test the TBs community's ability to not cum during one of his world famous blowjobs]
We the best – east to west [Ken and his homies are the best players in the TB community]
Gotta sort ‘em with the rest [Ken is just saying he's gonna beat everyone]
By an inch – more like a mile. [Ken is so good he will win by a lot not by a little]
It’s really no contest. [Ken will win by so much it isn't even going to be a fight]

Sun real low – and the Night stay calling. [The user Felnin is going going to use his godlike abilities to help his clan win CL]
Banked another bitch, TGS keep falling. [Ken took another persons TC via duels and also the clan TGS is dead/dying]
Never take a break – set to duel mode and raise it [Ken is always on that grind ON GOD]
Look back to the time [There is a clock behind Ken which he checks because his bedtime is 9:30 PM]
Cash never stays pourin’. [Ken can't duel forever do to his strict bedtime]
Had your chance to fly high, now you’re far from soarin. [Ken is making fun of TGS for dying]
Had your chance to touch the sky, now you’re quickly sinkin’ [Refer to the line above]
Packed your bags, and your pride – past your prime. [Refer to the line above]
Enjoy the ride. [Refer to the line above]
While they carry, lean back - relax before you die. [Ken is saying many TGS members joined Win to be carried through CL]
Fresh out the spin cycle? [Haha, it's a laundry joke]
I’ll leave you out here to dry [Ken is going to leave the other clans out to dry after he beats them]

Young Divi

Brazil number one, we ain't in this for fun [Brazil is the best country and Obey is serious about this CL]
These other clans think theyll win but really they're done. [The clan Win thinks they will win CL but they will not because we will]
iRuukie and iTuump they about to run train, [The TB players iRuukie and iTuump are going to beat everyone because they are TB Gods]
Don't matter the mod they're bringing the pain [iRuukie and iTuump will beat everyone in every mod because they are TB Gods]
Hold on, wait a minute, my mom needs the computer [Shmevins mom once had to use his computer while he was playing TB I think]
TB Skills so bad maybe you could use a tutor. [Yung Divi is calling you, the listener, bad]
Call me a lumberjack because I'm packing logs [Yung Divi has a big penis and/or needs to poop]
These other clans so gay, might aswell be full of frogs [These other clans are gay like the frogs whos water the government keeps putting chemicals in]
I am a god you all know it [Yung Divi is really good]
All this cocaine and win still gon blow it [The clan Win is a front for a front for a cocaine smuggling cartel, they will also lose CL]
Don't mess with me and the gang [Obey is REALLY good and shouldnt be messed with]
iTuump got that gat it go bang [The member iTuump has a gun and WILL shoot you]
I put the ill in illegal cause im sick [Yung Divi does illegal acts because he's a gangster]
No homo we out here smockin dick [Yung Divi references Young Thug and Gentlemans desire to give the TB community a blowjob
I don't throw shade I throw the whole tree [Trees provide shade]
I'll catch yall later I gotta go pee [Yung Divi must quickly leave the recording booth because he needs to use the restroom]

Freddy Kash

Oh, now? [Fred forgot when the recording was gonna start]
Yeah, Okay. [...]
Fuck the beat, I will go a capella. [Freddy Kash is so good he doesnt need a beat]
Fuck a woeb, fuck a clock, fuck a trailer…Fuck everybody. [Freddy KAsh hates woeb, clocks, and trailers, and everybody]
Fuck you all if you doubt me. [Freddy Kash feels he's been underestimated]
So imma pick the world up and imma drop it on your fucking head. Yeah. []
Bitch imma pick the world up and imma drop it on your fucking head. Yeah. [ ]
Ice on my wrist. Tori’s bitch on my dick. [Freddy has a nice watch on his wrist and someone named Toris girl on his penis]
Smegma: imma catch you slip. Hoe. [Freddy Kash plans on murdering Natejas]
On this bitches, I sleep - [Uhhhhhhh, he sleeps with women?]
While I’m riding my Gucci Jeep. [Freddy Kash has a custom made Gucci Jeep because hes rich]
Weeping. Keeping. Yo, I have the money. [He is crying and also has money]
Bitch: Divine will give you a stitch, hoe. [The Toribash user Divine will beat you up]
Woeb: I got cash and shoes, and hoes, hoe. [Freddy is bragging to the user woeb about his fame and success]
You sound like a bitch, bitch. [You, the viewer, sound like a bitch]
Shut the fuck up. [Ok sorry]
When your fans become your haters. [...]
Okay, we’re done. [...]
my best [...]
guess [...]
? [...]

Old OP

I will be updating this thread when new content is created. Entertainment is my passion.
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Kidz Bop Kennethy:
July - you’ll die. [This is a direct threat on each and every member of Julys life]
Like Alpha, you got no guys. [July has no good players and Alpha is dead]
Suh’ Fire – just a low flame. [Fire, the member of July ain't shit]
Gon’ put you out; fya department just came.
Like Notre Dame, [Making light of the historic and culturally significant Notre Dame Cathedral catching fire]
Diamonds don’t last forever. [Diamond, another July member also ain't shit]
Dreams of clan league finna go down in flame. [Kennethy intends to wins clan league making every other clan not the winner]
Name: cowmeat – next up for this fukin’ heat
Mess you up in tk – into ground beef [Cowmeat is good at tk but Gentleman is a god among children at every mod he plays so he will still win]

Young Divi Lovato:
These Girl Scouts kinda lame - lots of shitpost got now game [TGS might post a lot but sucks at the video game, especially iRookie]
Evolution? maybe backwards - being active, don’t know how that works [The clan eVo is full of prehumans who are also not active]
I’m a god I feel no pain - All this TC make it rain
Win’s a bunch of losers - ok duelers but no bruisers [Win has good but not good enough players]
Clan league to Obey, simply the best not much to say
I do drive i go a chauffeur - Itemp’s mom? Yeah I know here [Hey iTemp, I fucked your mom]
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Thank you for your kind words.

I will be working on non-musical projects - and should have something new published within 2 weeks.

As I said roast yourself next time
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Thanks, everyone. I'm looking forward to releasing my other projects just as soon as my semester ends! But until then...I did a throwback to my KBK cover days. Just a little filler. (:
I know it's not exactly Toribash related - but I'd like to know your opinions! Would you be fine with me taking these creative tangents?


I am perfectly fine with you going on these creative tangents. I just love creativity! I love the way you did the super cool ad-libs in the chorus too! You're honestly just a super talented human being. You must speak fluent French too huh? The way your voice just resonates with the background voice is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy =^.^=. You just earned yourself a subscriber my man. If you ever do any live shows, let me know and I'll come out to watch - you're just so good!
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