Tori-Santa 2019
yeah its not finished and your Decp seemed twitchy and lsow not even close to your better replays.

please post more replays.
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how quickly you think i made that eh? did take closer to 10 mins :P Oh and thanks for the comments, i'll try to make more with same style

EDIT: aliright made a few quick ones, and i really would love to see your tries too, i'll have a link here that MIGHT give you inspiration and tips, not too predictable, stiff, don't use abs much, keep wrists mostly contracted for sluggish looking dismembers Hope that helps you if you try
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splat-drunkengroundsmack.rpl (63.2 KB, 96 views)
splat-drunkenfist2.rpl (143.7 KB, 81 views)
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Those were very nice :o awesome, maybe ill give it a try
continue this splatter <3
Here goes ,3 more!! remembering that only true masters are those that can fight drunk

and if you do some "drunken-fist" style replays please post them in this thread
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splat-drunkenfist3.rpl (171.0 KB, 37 views)
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