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Global Rules

Q: What are Global rules?

A: These rules are applied to all areas of both the forum and the game. While you are not required to read these rules, not being aware of them is not and never will be an excuse to not follow them. Repeat offences are subject to increased punishments. Please note that while this post covers all of the basic rules, it is by no means a comprehensive list of every punishable action - a healthy dose of common sense does wonders in keeping one out of trouble. Please note that breaking some rules will have worse punishments than others.

Global rules:

Forum Rules

Q: What are the forum rules?

A: These are the rules you need to follow no matter where you're posting on the forums. Each part of the forum usually has its own additional rules which need to be followed in addition to the ones listed here. Occasionally, the local rules may override one or more of the global rules here. You must also still follow the Global Rules.

Forum rules:

In-game Rules

Q: What are the in-game rules?

A: These are the rules that you must follow everywhere in-game, unless specifically stated otherwise. You must also still follow the Global Rules.

In-Game rules:

Taking Screenshots

Q: What are screenshots?

A: A screenshot is an image captured of the game, such as via commands.

Q: How do I take a screenshot in Toribash?

A: There are multiple commands to take a screenshot in Toribash:
F8, 0, /screenshot, and /ss

Note: Do NOT to crop your screenshots if you are making a report.

Using PrtScn to make screenshots:

  • Capture a screen shot by hitting PrtScn on your keyboard. Then open MS Paint. If you have a Mac, open MacPaint or Paintbrush. Go to the edit drop down menu and select paste. Click the file drop down menu and select save. A box will appear asking you to name the file. After typing the name, open the file type drop down menu. Then select .jpeg or .png from the list of file types.

Finding your screenshot:

  • It's very easy to find screenshots. They will most likely be in the following directories on Local Disk (usually C:):
    • Standalone version: Local Disk (C:)/Games/Toribash-x.xx/screenshots.
    • Steam version: Local Disk (C:)/Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Toribash/screenshots.

Uploading screenshots:

  • Once you have a screenshot of toribash if you wish to upload it you must visit a third party website. Such as imgur, Gyazo, puush, or tinypic. Please note if you are reporting something, do NOT use the toribash forum's built in image uploader. It will make it difficult to read and you will most likely be asked to upload it to an image hosting site.

Posting the screenshot on the forums:

  • After you have uploaded your screenshot to an image hosting website, you can copy the image's link (right click and copy image address works best) and paste the link in between [img][/img] tags.

Bet Server Rules and Guidelines

Q: How do I create and manage my own bet server?

A: Creating a betting server is extremely easy, but the options involved can be subjective. It is up to the creator of the server to decide the various rules that may be included in the server. But just some basics...

  • Typing in /jo [server name] will create a server instantly. Now before you go off globalling your server (which will be explained), be sure to set an owner password.
  • The owner password can be set by typing in /setowner [password] and then if for any reason your de-op'd or ping, leave ect. you can re-op yourself by typing in /ownerpass [password]. It is not a bad idea to give this password to other OP's in the server. But please, only share it people you trust.
  • Setting a good room description via /desc [text] is extremely valuable for the longevity of your bet server. An eye-catching description in the server list will keep people trickling in to replace those who leave over time.
  • Using a message of the day (MOTD) entry message is useful for letting new joiners know important information, such as the current price of nudges and who is running the room. Set a motd with /motd [text].
  • It's usually a good idea to set /maxclients [number]. A safe amount is generally around 20, although 25-30 is common. High values can cause the room to be unstable and it will often crash.
  • Being "House" (server admin) allows you receive a portion of every bet made. To become "House" you simply type in /house [username] and be sure to set the Max Rake by typing in /maxrake [amount]. You can also make money by placing bets like everyone else and by selling nudges.
  • Finally, it can be a good idea to add yourself to the VIP list via /vip ADD [yourname]. This will allow you to join the server even if its full.

Make sure you're familiar with the operator commands! Without them, you won't be able to run your room smoothly, if at all.
When you're ready, you can send a global here. Make sure you've read the rules below.

Q: How do I manage my room?

A: Bet servers are a place for high stakes fun. The best experience is usually provided if the room is running as smoothly as possible. To achieve this, you should know at least some basics, such as:

  • HBRs: Highest Bet Rounds are matches where the user with the highest bet placed by the end of the betframes will be rewarded (usually with a free nudge).
  • Decapprize: Decapprizes are a public pool of tc which is kept by the server and awarded to any user who both decaps their opponent and wins their match. A large decapprize can attract people to your server.
  • Muting/Kicking/Banning: It's very important to keep the chat free of annoyances such as spam or flaming. Utilise the powers granted to Ops to keep your room a fun place for users to be.


(/nudge [username][position]) is generally one of the most demanding but important aspects of bet server management. Nudging is not manditory, however they are expected of you and a host who refuses to give nudges will often find their server short-lived. Nudges are usually first come, first served, and many server Ops will give different prioritization to how the user purchased their nudge. For example, someone who was nudged for adding to the decapprize may be considered lower-priority to someone who paid for a nudge, and would be nudged beneath them instead.

There are a few often-used approaches to trading nudges (MAKE SURE TO READ THE RULES REGARDING NUDGES BELOW):

  • Selling: You can simply sell nudges to the users in your room.
  • Decapprize: Users who add a specified amount of TC to the decapprize will receive a nudge.
  • Selfbet: Users who promise to bet a specified amount on themselves at the start of their match can be nudged.
  • HBR: Winners of a highest bet round can be rewarded with a free nudge.

Q: Are there rules for running a bet server?

A: While a lot of the management is up to you as the host, bet servers do have their own set of rules which you can't ignore. Bet servers are a place where a lot of TC is up in the air; that means a lot of potentially upset people who feel like maybe they've been screwed over. Following the rules will spare you from upset users and potential punishment from staff: