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[REL]Item.dat Generator (full GUI)
Hi Toribash community!!
i decided to share with you my new item.dat generator.


Features(for v1.0):
-Single body parts color
-Gradient 1 & 2
-Force color
-Relax color
-Items color: blood, ghost, name/score, timer, emote, grab...
-Hand and Foot trails
-Name selection
-Belt name selection
-Head avatar enable/disable

PS-In "Item","Force & Relax color" and "Trails" section, if you not want to color an item, select "None" in color list, DON'T leave a "color choose" menu empty.

I hope you like it

If you find bugs or issues tell me and I'll provide to fix them.

Instruction to load colors:

1) click on "Update" button to download updated color list from

2[Optional]) If you can't connect to internet click on "Offline"
button to load latest downloaded color.txt



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