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(Origin) Recruitment Center - Read the first post!

This is where it all begins.

Applying is simple
Write us a Free form application in this thread, try and include information such as:
Name, Age, GMT (Time Zone), hobbies/ interests, forum/ ingame activity (We’ll check).
Once you’ve submitted your application, we as a clan will privately discuss your application, once we have done so, if your application is successful a recruiter will be in contact to arrange ingame trials. If your application or trials are not so successful, we shall notify you here. This application is a way for us to learn who you are as a person and to figure out if you’ll fit well with the rest of the clan, so don’t be afraid to tell us more about yourself as a person be specific if you must.

We expect your applications to be written properly, this is a great way to express the kind of person you are and how you like to portray yourself, please do not simply include the information above with bullet points. The more we know about you, the higher chance you have of being called back for trials! We value a lot the person together with ingame skills.

If you make replays, feel free to leave them below and we shall take them into consideration when reviewing your application.

To prove us that you've read the first post please include the following sentence at the end of your application “Purple Monkeys run wild in the red forest.”

Be sure to include your preferred form of contact, whether that be discord, skype or simply through the forums. This will be necessary when furthering your application.