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Main Account Name: LokkiXD
Current Belt: 4 dan black belt
Clan History: Attack, WG, USSR, Damned
Why do you want to join (Spyder):

Well, first of all, this is a clan of my good friend. Secondly, I love real moves. Fake moves succ btw
Type an X in brackets if you agree to the following:
[X] I have reviewed Spyder House’s Clan Rules and reached a basic understanding of the Clan Philosophy and CIMO.
[X] I agree that if accepted, I will be an active and contributing member of Spyder House.
Sign Here: dafuq man? ok ok i agree
my discord: user_name#0505
good luck dude, i havent read your OP yet but will do later
best of luck to you and your clan :^)
<[Vector]Aadame> damn pat with his mod skills

Need help? PM me!
Reach me on Discord:
Clan Application processes has been modified and changed to “Clan Initiation”. If you have recently joined Spyder or are looking to join, please review these changes.
Showing of replays from Spyder House:





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LMAO good one Thronior
Also let me join and carry this bot players filled clan
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