Endurance Onslaught 3.0
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How screenshots in toribash work pls explain. And how to edit that screenshot thatway that there is only visible chat or something else?
I just use paint and I take a screen capture of the whole screen then crop out the part I want. Do you use Windows or Mac, and if you use Windows do you have a print screen tool, if not and/or you use Mac, are you aware of sniping tool?

With prnt scrn button you press Ctrl+Prnt Scrn, then you oopen paint and press Ctrl+V. Then you can use paint to crop out and cut what you want. Then when you habe cut out what you want, you can clear paint ans past that, then save that image, or open paint again.

Snipping tool is easier. You open it up and you can take a portion of a screen, you decide what, then save that portion as an image by pasting it into paint and saving.
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