Tbh from my experience female pit bulls are angry cunts and male pit bulls are pussy teddy bears
I apologise for this post.
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pits are built like beasts and they should only be raised by people who really know their shit

really makes you think
pits are inherently dangerous tbh, they were simply bred that way.

i really don't think pits are inherently dangerous lol

if you were to put a pit into a good home as a puppy, train it and care for it properly, would it be dangerous, no

i do agree with people needing to know shit about dogs before owning a pitbull though, especially with the controversy around them, ive been around dogs almost my whole life, but this is my first pit, so i'm no expert
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i mean in all honesty you never know what could happen with dogs, they're literally another human being with a different mindset, you could treat them to be the best nicest dog ever but they could do one bad thing because they wanted to do so or they got triggered to do it. But treating them does definitely impact on how they behave. If you haven't seen that guy who owns the pitbull HULK he literally trains these dogs to attack people and guard only his family and those dogs are used to that only and will abide by that but look at the fucking size of them bruh
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