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fellow blender noob here, these are awesome. Love how you used cell fracturing for the shattered wall in kyle 2. Some tips: Use a lot of clamp indirect, and for the joints, you should have a 0 roughness beckman with a 0 roughness diffuse going into a mix shader with a fresnel input going into the fac of the mix shader.
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New Shit !

Black Void

sick af. reflects alot but gives a cool effect
Många bäckar små blir en stor å
Thats my old Blender Experience using 'Blender Render',
now im using 'Cycle Render' which is looks pretty realistic

(My EnglOsh Bad)

Another new Shit !
with Cycles Render

Heeeeeeeeeeellllllpppppp !!!!!!!!!!!

i need a few CnC about Cycles REnder

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