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Clan League 2019
Hello, Clan League season starts soon and there has been some delay behind the scenes. So I've placed it on my "To Do" list.

It's almost the end of April now and 2018 started at the end of July. I'd prefer to have it start in the middle of May (since that gives me time to get things together) but if June or July is prefferable to everyone then that's easy to do.

Here's a link to an anonymous survery so I get some idea of what is generally wanted;
(It's 4 simple questions and a comment box, help me out here ok)

Results of survey are here,
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Please have one of the options in the vote be "We just skip shit ass tk"

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The absence of judofrac and lightninglenshu - as well as kickapoo - infuriates me beyond anything I've ever experienced throughout my entire life.

I hope erthtk gets selected.

I feel I benefit greatly from Judofrac from being in Clan League. I'm obviously one of the only people to main that mod of all mods, enjoy it to pieces, and I think it can be very consistent for the better player (as I'm posting this I have an 81% winrate in the mod across 58 games and Rank 1 in the mod this season),

But two things:

1) Icky was beyond fair and utilized the community to votes to decide the mods which is about as engaged I've ever seen a clan league ran in the years I've played in it back to my first one a long ass time ago in ToriKnights vs. Sheep knock out in lenshu3 (not no grab)

2) Boxshu mushu is a welcomed introduction. A ton of people play in it, a lot duel in it, and we've never gotten to see whether or not it's consistent enough to be a staple. This will give us valuable information to the future I think.

So I'm excited. Really love how Icky is running this, but that's no surprise he's the freaking bomb.
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