So i suppose it is time to say hi again!
It has been just a bit over a year now.
Whats up, guys?
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A little over 20 posts last year. Keep up the good work.

2019 will be better
Honestly if they would stop making me reset my password every couple months I would know how to log in to this dang site. Instead this is the only account which my phone remembers.

I been doing some warhammer commissions, otherwise not much


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Damn, thats good looking, I like the warhammer models, it looks like a cool hobby. How much do you get paid for painting a model like this?

I made an item from warhammer, the cylic ion blaster for my friend to 3d print. Also selling it on turbosquid but no sales so far (I have no idea how warhammer works) also entering photoshopbattles on reddit quite a lot, its super fun.

I'm drawing every now and then, but not nearly as much as I would like, but working 9 hours a day kinda make me want to do other stuff when I get home.
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Theres not much of a market for commissions here, our local scene isnt big enough for me to really charge effectively.

Im also pretty new to commissions, and Im not actually THAT good, sticking to doing it for friends mostly, So im not charging the proper values, charge like R1000(70$) for a big model, but to put it into perspective, the big pink dude took me like 24 hours of painting, thats like 3$ an hour, lol, so time:cost ratio isnt exactly efficient...

Mostly just doing it for fun and using it to fund my own army.
-=Art is never finished, only abandoned=-