Thanks Spirals! I made this before I saw your reply so I didn't change anything, but I still think it's worth posting. How do I avoid this frameskipping you talked about? should I make things faster, or maybe relax more joints? Correct me if im wrong but do you mean time where nothing is moving significantly when you're talking about frameskipping, like the opener in my last replay?

Anyway, the opener to this replay has some twitching and just looks weird but I think the short replay in total came out ok, please provide CnC.

I sincerely thank you for replying. It feels like it's been an eternity since I've had CnC
man i gotta say, your dedication impresses me considering how little cnc you've recieved. I'm atrocious at tricking and parkour so im not gonna comment on any specific replay but ill explain a little about your confusion.

relaxing more joints doesnt make your replay better, the goal is to use the relax and hold after contrac/extend to soften the effect and make it look smoother. simply relaxing some joints won't make it better.

frameskipping is just when you dont move any joints for a considerable amount of frames. to avoid this, you should try more to move every couple of frames while maintaining fluidity instead of just instantly going into the next move and waiting to land or w/e. at the same time its important to make sure your movements dont look slow, and to maintain your momentum. this is difficult and will really help your skill once you get it down.

the replay you just posted, at the start was pretty ugly ngl cause of the right arm twitching, however after that it was silky smooth except for when you first contracted your elbows, it looked a little forced and jagged. also try and stay in the cork spinning position a little longer, it seemed to me you entered and exited for the landing in a matter of a couple dozen frames.

also put in the effort to make a nice stable pose where you dont fall down and try to have it like that upon landing. another tip is to keep your pecs shoulders and elbows relaxed during your pose, other wise it will look rigid and unnatural.

another thing and this is really tiny but try and limit your matchframes to the actual action in the replay. its pretty simple to change the matchframes in a replay through textedit or notepad within seconds, this can also help you avoid having to pose too much because itll end quicker hiding some instability.

overall youre realllly good and i hope you continue to improve.
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Thank you for the CnC Triz0n. Thank you for explaining frameskipping. I noticed the twitching at the start but I didn't really bother fixing it cause I was already farther ahead in the production of that replay, but that's not really an excuse to leave it there

Todays replay: This was rushed so please don't look at this as my best work the title isn't lying, I made this in 10 minutes I think. BUT during those ten minutes, I tried to make everything look flowier. Unfortunately, I messed up in some areas and twitched, this is really noticeable in the arms and legs.
To avoid frameskipping, you can focus on limbs. As long as they're doing something, it reverberates through your body and gives you a lifelike look. This is easy to achieve by relaxing an elbow, knee, hip or shoulder when they are under the influence of momentum. The limb will most likely bend a slight bit. After a few frames, you can hold to preserve the now natural momentum generated from relaxing, all whilst looking silky smooth ;-)

By the way, really good stuff! Only itch I got from watching was the frameskipping bits and a floppy lumbar. Really well done!
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Stance I think youre making excellent progress.
Ive got some things to add to the CNC
I think your movement is actually pretty good and you flow well despite a few twitches.
The main problem is your launches, you can gain so much more power in your moves.
Until you learn to do that you wont be able to dub cork, its an ambitious trick to try.

on "ADub3" you dont push off your left leg at the start, you just sorta fall into it.
thats just slowing your move, but you handle it quite well.
You cant get as much power in the setup of the cork if you dont use
your FULL body properly. It pretty much goes like this in the setup

- Straight chest
- Good balance (not too far forward, you want your ghost to be going back a lil)
- Kick swinging leg, time it with the rest of your movements to get max power.
(if you contract more before extending the kicking leg, you can get a lil extra boost too.)

Leaving the ground
- Contract standing knee just before leaving the ground.
- Lower arms as your taking off. the side that your leaning to should have right arm
going down faster ( I contract right elbow)

OBV theres a whole other bunch of stuff to do once in the air but you kinda just gotta
experiment. I made a single cork replay, maybe it will help IDK maybe it sucks dick.
I quit this game but I only come back to watch your replays

On "the double Btwist betterlanding by my man stance"

YOU LOOK GREAT. flow is actually the best here, no problem what so ever.
*OK* If youre gunna twist my utters for CNC milk I spotted one tiny ankle twitch.

fuck the haters stance, youre one fancy gentile genital man.
you jump like a vegetable tho, Vrroom Vrroom SKRT SKRT wheelchair racing if
you catch my tokyo drift? you used a tricky setup
but no excuse for midget NBA jump. sorry for slam dunkin your ass
double dip style. Peep these 2 replays doe PEACE dawg:
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Stance needs to get gud.rpl (236.1 KB, 8 views)
Stance double B word.rpl (175.4 KB, 3 views)
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I would say THIS is a joke replay but that kick at the start is me legitimately trying to do a roundhouse kick. If you want slightly higher quality replays scroll up

Thanks for the sexy CnC and tips Oscar I'll make sure to send you nudes later!

Edit: I did a Comp Spar with Jaxt. I was really sloppy in this but I honestly could care less because it was fun, oh and we didn't finish, we never seem to be able to.

Edit #2: Put me back to uke and him to tori
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A spar where stance is a cow: Well the start went good, then it started getting worse over time. Some of the things my partner didn't comply with what I wanted to do causing some trash by me.

It was comp in 10 tf incase you wanted to know

Idk I think it was alright. Better than my last spars at least. Tell me how to improve!
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2 replays. KOnce had some effort and i jumped off on purpose btw. and Messingaround is just me making a low edit replay
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jisse_parkour_ultimate.tbm (20.1 KB, 1 views)
#Stance Pk- Messingaround.rpl (630.6 KB, 2 views)
pk_mata_woahmanchill2.tbm (20.6 KB, 1 views)
African Jungle

This was a really quick replay, and I stole the opener, and most of the first cork from a replay on the last page (Or earlier on this page), but I'm quite happy with how it came out. CNC please.

I know there are twitches, I saved then saw them and I really don't want to redo something on a quick replay.
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