Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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إد هو العاهرة
With the addition of our most recent acquisitions, we've crossed the threshold for one of our goals (wow)! Cutting right to the chase within 12 hours of conception. Round of applause!
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Divine and I have created a Discord server.
You can join, here.

I've added the invite link to the OP, and will be including a link in the recruitment thread. Thanks!
I'm going to have to ask our visitors to refrain from posting in this thread unless you have any valuable contributions to our cause. We are open to the discussion of policy and rule if you have your differing views, certainly - but coming here and utilizing a straw man, and, insulting us without end is not welcome. If a proper discussion is outside of your realm of limitations, I urge you to return back to the echochamber of lies and deceit from which you came - and leave this sanctuary for freethinkers and reformists. Only thinkers, movers, and doers are allowed beyond this point. If you fail to see the errs in the mechanism of society, then you are but a contributing gear to the wicked machine.
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I'm going to briefly bring this off to a tangent. We've recruited some more members, so please update the OP. Also, fred and I just completed and won our first war. You're welcome.