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(kick) Kick Revival
"Life is good, you know. When I walk through the streets of this abandoned city, I cannot help but think how much tidier this place would look with 'life' inhabiting it. Like it once did. A war played out here, I sense it. I do not possess supernatural powers, but there is a very vague feeling in the air in the lost city of Toribash.

I could see it right before me, Toris and Ukes fighting, ripping eachother apart for no apparent reason at all. The Toris had ultimately evolved into monstruous murderers thirsting for blood, while the Uke would peacefully defend.

The Toris continued for a very long time to kill every Uke they would see in the massive city of Toribash, a large city of unknown origin evolved on the planet of earth, slightly 3000 years after christ. Where the peace went nobody knows, why the Toris wanted blood nobody knows. There were some Toris who were more efficient killers than others, and they would eventually find eachother to achieve agendas only known to them. Clans, if you may. The clans would have various names, various looks and colours, various personalities. During the outbreak of said war, there were but one clan who outlasted the others, survived, and moved away from the city of Toribash. This clan had been named after a technique filled with power, precision and an agile mind.

Their name was Kick, formed and reformed after their old leader had parted with different goals in mind. The self proclaimed, new but trusted leader, had taught the people his powerful but aware tactics.
He later on named a Tori who excelled at fighting but also laying down tactics for survival, second leader of the clan. He adhered to an unknown name. They both gave some of the clans eldest secrets to trusted members of the clan, so called 'Elites'. The elites had the power to nominate Toris who showed interest for Kick's agenda, and wanted to share their mind with the clans people.

The soldiers of Kick came and went, some stayed, some left due to wanting different things from their clan. The soldiers will always be strong, the soldiers will always be there.

Even though this said clan named Kick has outlasted many terrors, many betrayals, a war and the aftermath, they will be one of the few (if not only) clans to survive and keep their agenda alive."

Dalir - May 7, 2008

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It's time to kick this clan back into gear!
When i started playing toribash over 10 years ago i was in awe of the relaxed style and deadly precision techniques of players in Wushu and other modes, i loved physics based games, and this is one you can get very good at. I watched the default replays, and eventually got one of my replays put into a release of the game. I grew to respect and admire those who honed their skills, and i cherish the days i spent with the regulars in the IRC.

This is the clan that i identified with and worked towards building in the community, and that is what i would like to continue doing now.

If you would like to become a member and even help me in the revival of this historical clan, check out the recruitment thread here:
Or just message me in the forums or the Toribash discord.

I'll be looking for Elites to help run everything.

Kicking it off with some replays from today
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[20:26] <hanz0> Moral of the story: Dragons will (bleep)ing kill you.
its like in jail you have to take out the big dawg first off to send a message
its like in jail you have to take out the big dawg first off to send a message
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[20:26] <hanz0> Moral of the story: Dragons will (bleep)ing kill you.