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(Smol) Smol

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Do you ever feel Smol?

Are you Smol?

We are New
We are Friendly
We are Smol

Hear me out for a second, Ok?
We are rather Smol. "You Get That?", Good so now that's all cleared up I gotta let you know something. So all things that are Smol need Smol to survive. "Right" . "yeah" "that guy knows what I'm talking about." Anyways there are many ways to get smol. We wont get in to that now but on a later date. So please feed us Smol all the Smol you can.

We Are Smol.

For what we lack in size we make up for in Smol, smol, and maybe a smol amount of skill sprinkled in there.

DISCLAIMER:: Please follow all general thread rules you can view them here if you need a refresher. This is only just the start of our epic story. More will be written when the grand master is out of his smol practice.

Awesome People

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Anyone Gonna Take A guess to win a prize of 20k

Just guess Correctly on what the acronym S.M.O.L Stands for.

Hint: it relates to toribash

Just a thread update message. Notice We've lost 4 clan wars already and are ready to lose some more. hahaha Jokes..

Hit Us Up in-Game for a war anytime I prefer Judo Frac if you find me. maybe i can get us some wins lol
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You guys are cool. Let's war sometimes although I suck also but I do war just for fun not to be flexing but I have a 89% lose rate in doing wars
Hm.... Smol.... HmmI guess
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