Mod Gauntlet
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Mod Gauntlet

Welcome to the Mod Gauntlet

This is a single elimination tournament. You have to test yourself to be the best on the spot, so you can prove to all your opponents you can win in any(mod) circumstances

Every match on this event is played in best of 11 duels(first to 6)
At the start of every duel, the first match is always played on aikido.tbm and the rest is decided by the losing side

1. aikidobigdojo.tbm
2. rb_greykido.tbm
3. lenshu3ng.tbm
4. rk-mma.tbm
5. ninjutsu.tbm
6. boxshu_mushu_v3.tbm
7. wushu3dome.tbm
8. judofrac.tbm
9. erthtkv2.tbm
10. taekkyon.tbm

At every duel, when the loser is selecting mods, be aware that you can select any mod, as long as it hasn't been played yet, each mod is played exactly once.

Don't change the mod rules, this does include removing fracs from boxshu_mushu_v3.tbm
Results must be posted in this thread, if possible, please provide replays or screenshots.
If you or your opponent pings during a match after the first frame, that results in a point loss, unless there is an agreement between the two players.
Draws result in no point for both players and the rematch must be played in the same mod.
Don't try to sign up using multiple accounts... speaking of which...

Applications are closed.

805.000 TC's
25 Shiai Tokens

400.000 TC's
18 Shiai Tokens

240.000 TC's
12 Shiai Tokens

Note: We are open for donations to the prizepool, if you feel like contributing, PM me or message me on discord lumeri#4759

Players will be added as they sign up, bracket will be shuffled before starting.

Deadline for Round 1 is on the 15th of February

Deadline for Round 2 is on the 24th of February

Deadline for Round 3 is on the 27th of February

Deadline for Semifinals is on the 2nd of March

Deadline for Finals and Bronze march are on the 6th of March

Amazing art by Tomato.

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You just lost the game
I am not a scammer
-I have sent 10.000 TC's to Sleep
-I have read and understood the rules

I'll give 20k to the person who can beat me in boxshu by doing a goatse (I'll be doing one as well)
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