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Too Many Artists Spoil the Tori

*hits blunt* aren't textures just bodypaint, which means everyone's actually naked all the time?

Full texture sets are way too expensive, and they require too much time to make!
Not to mention you need to have all the items, too, adding to the price!
I have so many good texture set ideas, but I'm to lazy to make them!
So I'm forcing you all to make one for ME! And you will LIKE IT!!

The main goal here is to make a full texture set, which includes all bodyparts, all joints, DQ, trails, and ground.
But you won't be making the whole set all alone, oh no! You will be collaborating with other people!

First, you will post in this thread stating that you want to participate.
Just "I shall partake!" or something the like will suffice.
We will take participants for one week , after which the real event starts!

Each participant is given a random texture to make!
That means there'll be a whopping 41 participants! or we will split it among you evenly.
Oh no no, you won't get to choose which texture you get to make!
We will be choosing them randomly, with no bias.
There's no theme to draw, there are no guidelines, just do whatever comes to mind, disregarding everyone else's work!
All it needs to be is 512x512. That's it!
Mess Tori up, in a way only an artist can do!
Mess me up! Defile me! Humiliate me!

You have a week to make the texture you were appointed to do!
After the event is over, the humiliation you forced upon Tori will be unleashed...
I, Elmindreda will be bound and made to wear the set!
FOREVER! or untill I want another set made. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAH!

Tips and hints

1.) It doesn't really matter if you're good or not, just do whatever you want to do!
Actually, what the hell, why would it matter if you've never held a pencil?
Get in here and start drawing!

2.) Although, if you're actually a good artist, this is a good opportunity to show your skills, with minimal effort!
Even if others mess things up, you can still actually try something up to your standards!
And it might make me feel better that my whole set isn't a colorful mess, too.

1.) No plagiarism!

2.) No pornographic content!

3.) ...And nothing else that breaks the rules!

4.) Feel free to collaborate between yourselves!

5.) Have fun!

Anyone who is seen not having fun will be executed.

One of each texture you work on.

Make sure to post here before the 19th of February, then we will start the event.
Alright, change of deadline, this will now end on the 23rd. If you cant make it by then let me know and we will see what we can do.

bodypart		person			stats 
breast body			deridor			incomplete 
chest body			visceral		incomplete
groin body			headles			complete
head body			loona			complete
left bicep body 	groot			incomplete
left foot body		wtfland			complete
left arm body		ghostflow		complete
left hand body		last			incomplete
left pec body		bcool137		complete
left shin body		icky (originally hell) 			incomplete
left thigh body		melrose			complete
right bicep body	weed			incomplete
right foot body		goughy			complete
right arm body		taekkyo			incomplete
right hand body		stance			complete
right pec body		sleep			complete
right shin body		assassinpro		complete (traded for right thigh) 
right thigh body	tyler112		complete(traded for right shin)
stomach body		rajen			incomplete
abs joint			blueEvil		complete
chest joint			xtscx			complete
left ankle joint	trestet			complete
left elbow joint	joko			incomplete
left glute joint	saiko			complete
left hip joint		tomato			complete
left knee	 joint	tabby			incomplete
left pec joint		something		complete
left shoulder joint	arctic			incomplete
left wrist joint	karstnator		complete
lumbar joint		guard			incomplete
neck joint			melon			complete
right ankle joint	leonardo		complete
right elbow joint	saku			incomplete
right glute joint	kmyn			incomplete
right hip joint	 	velo			complete
right knee joint	fusroyay		complete
right pec joint		tomerr			incomplete
right shoulder joint quack			incomplete
right wrist joint	fire			incomplete
floor 				basic			incomplete
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in defense of Aeon, at least no one else is going to make the same mistake again.

hi icky
sup cunt :salute:
-I have sent 10.000 TC's to Sleep
-I have read and understood the rules
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