I have no motivation to finish it off but it was alright i guess
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bored as fuck vertex.rpl (956.7 KB, 7 views)
[insert generic quotes from certain players]
second spar in a mod
forgot to send the replay. here it is
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[insert generic quotes from certain players]
This is the kind of pk mod that shoots you with a deagle gun point blank if you make one mistake. Still finished it tho

I can't send the replay on toribash forums so i've added a link where you can download it on google drive:
[insert generic quotes from certain players]
I watched the last two spars and i'm stunned, you are quite good at it. What amuses me the most is your unique style, where you constantly bait some low stances and do some crazy break-dance style moves

You definitely has a lot of potential, you should join RSO!
<[Vector]Aadame> damn pat with his mod skills
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