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Welcome Gamers!

The Event Squad has redefined the in-game hosting scene and proudly presents: WEEKEND Bash!
Alongside our regular in-game events all week round, we bring to you something extra special after a tiring week.
That's right, MASSIVE events, with BIG prizes, EVERY WEEKEND.

WEEKEND Bash! is an all new extravagant series of recurring in-game events brought to you by the Event Squad.

You're going to want to lay back and enjoy your Sundays, chilling with the community and playing fun mods in our ELounge!
Or even streak the entire room in one of our EVictory tournaments!

And if even that fails to quench your thirst,
and you prefer some genuine competition, come around on Saturdays when we'll be hosting
COMPETITIVE ETourneys with your favorite sweaty mods! (Boxshu, Lenshu, ABD, ErthTK and more!).
Because on Saturdays, we go big, with huge winnings and BIG rewards!

Every Saturday 8 PM, GMT +0
Competitive ETourney

Mods: It's a surprise. May be announced some weeks.

This is where we go big. Brace yourselves.


Note: Only ITEM prizes are changed every week. TC / ST rewards stay constant.

Every Sunday 8 PM - 10 PM, GMT +0
ELounge / EVictory /EHotseat / ETourney / ESurvival
Hit the books, because we ask 2x more trivia throughout the event, don't miss your chance to win more ST!
250 / Win. (for ELounges).
Boosted ST, Item and TC rewards for 1st and 2nd place (for EVictories).
1/ Win - 15 lives! (for EHotseats)

This shows when we'll be hosting in your local time.

We have swapped the event days (WB ETourneys on Saturday and other WB events on Sundays).

Upcoming Events:
Saturdays - WEEKEND Bash! ETourney
/jo wb

Sundays - WEEKEND Bash! ELounge / EHotseat / EVictory / miniETourney / EBets
/jo wb

Announcements for item prizes every Wednesday.
Check the most recent announcement post in this thread.

Toribash Global Rules apply as usual.
There's going to be a big crowd, so be nice.
Just, don't be the person ruining everyone's evening.

Failure to comply will most likely get you blacklisted from future ES events.

Event types
ELounge - You'll find 2-3 ES members, chill with us. 250 TC / win. Trivia. Fun mods. We take mod requests from chat. NO 1st and 2nd rewards here.
EVictory -Simple, highest wins in 2 hours gets 1st and 2nd place rewards.

EHotseat - You'll face us in the hotseat, we may take turns and swap out since its a long event. You'll win 1 ST per win.

ETourney - Your regular knockout tournament with the WEEKEND Bash! twist (big rewards). Note: Mods will cycle from a list of official competitive mods each tourney.

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Yes, this indeed is epic.
Mark your calendars, because you're not going to want to miss this.
Do reach out / post here if you have questions regarding this.
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list#1000 on Discord.
I've received some confusion on when we'd be hosting these so I've added this link:

This converts 8pm GMT to your local time.

Note please read the bottom section of the thread, we may change our hosting times for coming weeks but we would announce it well beforehand.
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list#1000 on Discord.
Thanks for coming to todays ELounge, was great fun!

If anyone didn't get ELounge winnings, PM bart : )

Neverse is adding 10$ to 1st place!
Tomorrows ETourney prizes will now consist of:


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