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[HUNG]Reincarnation of one of the finest wushu clans.
Hung is one of the oldest and original wushu clans of all time,it all started when Amb wanted to create this clan after the great martial art "Hung-gar",and at it's prime it was the best wushu clan/family.In these recent months,it's activity started to decrease slowly until it became close to death,now danger came knocking on our door when an activity check was made and now I have one week to do something about it,so my thought was to recreate Hung,but with keeping all the old principles that this clan used to follow.This clan when it was active was a group of friends having fun and enjoying our favorite mod Wushu and although it had a leader,it was a democratic clan.That ambiance is what I want to keep.

My project's limit time is one week obviously,and after a week I will declare who was accepted and who wasn't,their are exceptions of course If I know the person but If I don't know you or how you play it will be pretty hard to judge you on a text written application,so don't be afraid to pm me these 2 days if you want to play.(holiday)So you can give an application but my two main requests would be that you are a fairly good wushu player and is a good person most importantly.If you are afraid that this clan won't be active enough then I assure you if this was a success then Hung will return to it's prime.
History by slipanc:

The clan was originally made by AMB and Visnus, Visnus being the CO leader.
There were some ancient members in the clan back then, such as Paukku, HollowRain, stungunner and Xarus.
I got invited by AMB as the 7th person in the clan after the clan got official.
The clan itself got official quite quicly though, it was about three weeks old when I joined.
Bdo came long after the clan was made, about three months later. I was the one who invited him in.

For those who can't be arsed to read I've bolded the important words ^^
One last thing,I would rather let this clan die then to recruit bad members,and that is assured.
Thanks for your help and I hope somebody will find Hung as his home.

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Update:In my campaign to bring this clan back to life,my first recruit is Bluebird,great player.Still accepting applications...