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[R]Boots and Glove
Hi there, I decided to request these textures before high-res features come out so I will want them to be 512*512 since I will probably by them when they come out. Here are your indications:
I basically want one very simplistic hand texture for the left hand (just lines do signify the fingers on a white background. I want a black (demon) glove for my hand and tricepts texture. It should be leathery but you can choose the design you want as long as it takes place in the two body parts, it's leathery and it's badass. If you plan on showing bits of skin, just make them white, and if you want little details with another colour, use shaman (dark red).
I also want two leg and feet textures representing leather boots with the same colour indications as above.
Please try to make the material as detailed as possible since you have to do it in 512*512.

I will pay you either 50k or 35k and toxic relax or 10k plus vulcan force. Keep in mind that these are qi items.

I reserve the right not to choose any offer if I don't find one that I like.
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