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[Toribash] Fastest runner in Toribash

Ladies and gentlemen, you probably heard about Usain Bolt beating
his own record.
Now it's time to show us that you can do the same.
Kamiko made a record a while ago, a great one and the Gamekeepers want to see if you can beat it and be part of the book of the records.

Here is the record :

Fastest 1,000ED run
March 5, 2009
Time: 187 frames
Setting: 1000ED
Sambo gravity (/set gravity 0 0 -30)
Mode: classic

Gravity must be set to 0 0 -30
Classic mod
No hacking or stealing
186 frames or lower if you want to beat the record and post the replay
Write in the post how many frames you used to beat kamiko in your replay
Within the 186th you have to touch uke
Gravity must be set to 0 0 -30
Jumping isn't allowed
Max 2 entries, which can be fixed before the deadline

20k + A place in the book of records + Blue fury flame head forged by Hampa
10k + Inferno flame for right hand forged by Gman80

The 13th of August

Good luck and have fun.

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I'm editing that replay to try speed up, anyway, is jumping allowed like this:
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#lunaxy_failtry.rpl (43.5 KB, 61 views)
It doens't matter anyway, you suck.
fastest run2.rpl

195 frames the fastest ,right ?
the second one isn't my entry idk how to remove it xD
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the fast run from meh.rpl (46.5 KB, 42 views)
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I'll edit it soon

Touched uke in frame 790
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Originally Posted by Toril View Post
Nope it isn't. You have make all the 1000 ed running

Kamiko jumped in the end. Why aren't we allowed?