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[GM] The Three-Way Challenge!

Hello, and welcome to a Clan Event hosted by the Gamemasters!
Judges: Faint and Erth

This event involves replay making.
You need 3 members from your clan to show off their replay making skills.

You may pick your 3 however you like, but make sure to figure that out somewhere besides here.
You will not be able to fix anything once you have applied.

Anyway, the 3 players your clan chooses will need to discuss between themselves what style of replay they will make.

The 3 styles I have chosen are:
(Round 1 - 1 Replay from 1 member of your clan who chose this)
(Round 2 - 1 Replay from 1 member of your clan who chose this)
(Round 3 - 1 Replay from 1 member of your clan who chose this)

Note: All 3 members from your clan will have to compete in different rounds. Each member will only make 1 replay for said round. You will not compete in more than 1 round as a person, your clan will have to decide who is competing in what round.

NOTE: If ANY member misses the deadline whether it be Round 1, Round 2 or Round 3,
his/her clan will be disqualified. The Deadline for each round will be a week, will be increased if clans need more time.

During Round 1, for example, we will only accept Decap replays.
Once each member who signed up for this has a replay posted (unless deadline met before submission),
we will judge each replay out of 100 for
Creativity, Flow, Style, Realism, Skill, etc.

After Round 1 ends, Round 2 will immediately commence.
A day or two after that, all remaining clans (hopefully all 10) will be put in a list
from whoever had the best replay, to whoever had the worst.

Everything will be the same for each round besides the replay style and replay maker from each clan.

The winners will be decided by which clans
rack up the most points after Round 3.

The rules are simple.
No stealing replays, cheating (hacking), using pre-mades, etc.

The replays posted must be made freshly for this event

Replays must be in the regular SP mod (classic), and the ONLY game rules you are allowed
to change are the ED (Engage Distance), TF (Time Frames), MF (Match Frames), and Gravity.

Once you have your replay submitted, you must stick with it.
No changing it around or anything stupid.
You should feel good about your replay before you post it,
don't post a sloppy replay that you aren't happy with as you will not be able to fix it later on.

If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me or Erth

1st: Magnetite Force (20k)
2nd: Toxic Blood (10k)
3rd: Vampire Relax (5k)

Note: The prizes will be sent to your clan bank or, if you rather, sent to one of the competing members to split with the other 2.
Also, the top 3 clans will get clan event points.

Full clan name: Clan Tag: Clan Members competing: Clan Members' chosen replay styles:

RESULTS 1. Obey - 208/300 points 2. Vector - 170/300 points 3. iCoF - 138/300 points 4. Source - 135/300 points DQ. duck - 90/100 points DQ. CW - 60/100 points DQ. fl0w - 65/100 points DQ. Card - 125/200 points DQ. Inquisition - 108/200 points DQ. raku - 148/200 points
Clans Competing: Inquisition: box: Decap, sham: Tricking, Ed: Boomshot fl0w: Smogard49: Decap, Holotor: undecided, William: undecided raku: elvis: Decap, chamara: Tricking, Star: Boomshot Card: ZeToxiiK: Decap, Hucota7: Tricking, TheCobra: Boomshot Vector: Overlord: Decap, santos7877: Tricking, pause: Boomshot Corrupted Waffles: Powas: Decap, Chicken89: Tricking, Thrandir: Boomshot Obey: Freddy1998: Decap, Chazer666: Tricking, Kyou: Boomshot duck: MrJingles1: Decap, Tengo: Tricking, Juhizz: Boomshot iCoF: emg: Decap, Luthery - Tricking, asdsasds: Boomshot Source: VLeniK: Decap, MrGarry: Tricking, Jeffry36: Boomshot
(1 week deadline, ends on December 25th (Christmas) at 12:00 AM GMT +0)
(1 week deadline, ends on January 8th (Deadline Extended) at 12:00 AM GMT +0)
(1 week deadline, ends on January 15th at 12:00 AM GMT +0)


Example Replays
(yes, I know they suck)
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Faint - Decap Example.rpl (71.5 KB, 40 views)
Faint - Boomshot Example.rpl (193.0 KB, 55 views)
Faint - Tricking Example.rpl (139.2 KB, 54 views)
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For tricking, should use -30.00 gravity? I think it would be favorable over a bunch of people tricking on -9.82 gravity floating around like they're on the moon.
"Replays must be in the regular SP mod, but other than that,
change whatever gamerule you want that won't ruin the replay."

I do not care if the gravity is changed.

If you are asking me to change it to -30.00 only for tricking so everyone has to use -30.00, sorry, that will not be done.
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Please refer to the Rules section of the first post.

"Replays must be in the regular SP mod"

So no, no mods, etc. The replays you guys make must be in the regular single player mod.
I was trying to make it as clear as possible, I edited it though, just for you.

Also, please PM me for further questions, this thread is solely for the Event, not for questions/concerns.