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(Axis) DividedAxis
Leader of DividedAxis: Cyronex

About DividedAxis:
This clan is not mainly for fighting. This clan is simply for people to join/meet people and have fun. We wont accept people if they are jerks or rude. I want this clan to be fun, and for people who don't want a serious clan... To just have fun.

-No disrespecting other members (i.e. swearing at them)

Real Name:
Tell a bit about yourself:
In-game activity (1-10):
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I know this is a bad clan intro, but it's my first. Plus I don't want this clan to be too serious.

So join today, and have some fun!
Also, please get some art.
And Make more specific rules, describe them better, too.
Please make a clan story, not a leader motto >_>
No need to post who's the leader also ._."
Anyway, Please make the necessary changes.