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(GR) Gear Recruitment

Here we will read your app carefully So, Don't miss with anything and work on the app, not just filling it with S#@t.

Minimum belt to apply is Blue, If you have another account tell us.

We accept here the free form Applications.
Please don't fill it with useless things.

You must include these things:

Nickname, a short name you would like us to call you with.
Your belt.
How is your activity in game and in forum.
Why you choose us and why we should choose you.
What are you ready to help the clan with(not donations).
and if you see any thing that we should know and it will make us let you in then include it...
It is free form application.
Got any infractions or bans before? why?
Got in any clan before us? why did you leave?

And the most important thing you have to answer:
Have you read the rules? what do you have to do when you can't be active?

Recruitment cards

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Added somethings to the app.
Also, now you can apply if you are brown belt.
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Well let me be the first...

My name is Gazorite, u can me me Gaz or whatever u want. My activity lately os decreasing because i feel like stopping toribash for some month. I choose this clan because it name is kinda atract me. Im a good marketer so i can handle any case with money or selling stuff for the clan. My last clan is [ICOF] and it become poorly active so i left. What i need to do before i inactive is to pm the leader and state the reason

Well thats all from me. Thank you.
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ok ummm, so you will join the clan and be inactive for 1 month?
or what did you mean?
other than that, i know you Gaz, if you still remember me.
Let ninjaballz say his vote.
for me, i say yes if you will promise that u will be active.
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I say that i have stop for 1 month and im back now
Yep, i still remember u
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Well i saw you stats and achievement's and actually im going to say yes so, Assassin will send the invite i guess or i will no. Thank you for your app.
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Hey, my name is Spoiled. I am a good friend of NINJABALLZ. Me and him made a clan a while back. (that was on my main acc, SuckerPunch) i would really like to join Gear on Spoiled because it looks to me like a strong clan and has the potential to go big. My other account is 2nd dan and i do have another Brown, almost black account. The name of that one is ihhdgk. I am extremely active ingame and on forums. I think this clan will go official and will become one of the greater clans in the game of Toribash. I regret to say that i can only join with the account, Spoiled. I know you will be hesitent, so take as much time as you need to look this over.
My name is Tanner Blatz, i live in Ontario Canada. I love skateboarding and music.
On a scale of 1-10 ingame activity, i am a 9/10. Forum activity a 8/9. Please take your time with this app if needed. Have an awesome day.
~Your friend, Spoiled
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Ok i do like your post and all but its the problem that you wont be on that account that often and more on your SuckerPunch one, if you are more on the Spoiled on and i see you in game a lot then my maybe will turn to a yes, but its up to Assassin as well. GL bro.
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so.... min belt now is blue, gl in filling the app(if you will :O)
also, your app is a bit short, but its fine, i don't see anything bad in you, but please promise me you will be more active, and post more, but not useless posts, and try marketing and every thing, and first of all, read all the rules carefully please, and keep checking the clan page everyday.
But, Have you read the rules? what do you have to do when you can't be active?
if you didn't answer this correctly, you will be auto rejected, because it means that you didn't read the rules.
I give yes if you answer the question correctly, and i will invite you as trial if gazorite voted yes, if not, then we will discuss about it.
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I see that you look like have potential on this clan, maybe because the clan need member or maybe because you can be active either wise. So well my vote is "YES" and be sure you will improve up your activeness and skill.
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