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[S] 512x512 high quality head textures.
Hello lads i am selling my head textures i got quite a few which have been stocked on my pc...
so lets start !!!
i have made spoilers for each artist.




i am only accepting tc as bids.
i can haggle on the prices tho dont expect anything stupid to happen.

Sold heads

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For the Naruto head, the price says 60k, but what is the minimum bid?
How do you kill one with no life?
Conduct you can offer as long as its not stupid i will consider it please bare in mind that i am looking for 60k or around that...
Mobius that one is just sold for 10k.
Sorry if this is a stupid offer but, the price of a nice set is 60k. As you can see these are head textures.

You think 20k would do? Or if you reserve it for me, I can get you 30-35k.

I understand if the answer to this is a no, as I am quite new to this haggle process.
How do you kill one with no life?
I will do 40k for it and reserve it for you unless you can not come up with that.
Also a good high quality set will never be sold for less then 100k.