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[S]deactivated :O
selling my deactivated.
stupid offers will be ignored.
only accepting tc.
check the market before offering.
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daxx sure.
koooper read the part about stupid offers then look at your offer then read it again and then hopefully you will change that offer...
80k for those. and i am being nice :O
Qs force 16
Plat relax 14
Hands 30k
snova relax 3k 63k this isnt a stupid offer :|

Qs force 17.5
Plat relax 15.5
both hands 32k
snova lax 4k 69k
34k both 512 hands. thats 17k each i am sure you couldnt find those for 17k anywhere.
22k for qs force 24k on shop and the market price is higher then shop etc...
nova lax for 5k.
plat relax for 17k.
etc etc

also my prices are probably the lowest on the market so if you wont take them i am sure someone else would.
Plat relax is around 16k on items board, qs items are max 10% off their stock price (if talking about marketprice; here I saw 16-18k qs forces; who cares about outdated marketprice when those are there since 2010 when there weren't automatic restocks and those items were worth shitloads)?

Ivory Force 1,6k
camo lax 1,5k
Noxious Force 2k
Supernova Relax 4k
Plat relax 16k
hunter force 8k (was 10,5k yesterday, 9,8 today and it may fall even more)
hunter lax 7k
Set: 128 textures 23,5k
Azurite emote + Crimson Timer + Magnetite Emote + Marine Hair 1,4k
3*Santa Hat 10k


Just 75k for all those.
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cancel my offer
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