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hi guys were holding a recruitment server feel free to join if you want
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Hello, peoples. I'm Derpy. I used to play, but I stopped. I'm really glad to join a clan so quickly after returning.
Welcome Derpy, If You are getting ingame any time, You are more than welcome to post here, Saying that You are getting ingame, That way, Other members that are in the forum can jump ingame with you.

Also, I need A few ranks filled. I'm having a Trail WarChief and Trail Recruiters right now, I need a Co leader and May make a council rank if you would like to try out for one of the ranks, Just say so.
I think I'd rather stay in the back, away from all the scary fighting puppets for a little bit. Their punches hurt!

Seriously though, I'm not the most reliable person, I don't think I'd be good for a special position for the time being. I don't even know how I'd go about recruiting or warring besides just opening a recruitment room like you did. I can try and help spread the name, though. When all the newbs get to higher levels they might be willing to join...
Haha I understand man, At some point I hope you'll step up for me! But It's alright. PM me your skype name and I can add you to our Skype chat.
Don't have skype... or any of that. I can send you my email in a PM if you really want. (I don't really mind, so it's up to you.) I can't be the most active member though, I am on a chromebook right now. When I'm ingame I'm on my mom's laptop.

Is spreading the word amongst the newbs, so they know that Tau is recruiting? From what I see some of the newbs are way better than the newbs when I started.

EDIT: So I just realized that the application says that you need to be 2nd Dan+... I never got to second Dan. I was a Black Belt though. Perhaps we should allow an exemption if the applier is able to show enough skill?
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Lol I'd have to have a Clan Mod delete that post then Remake it a third time..... But It's all good I understand, You don't have to give your email out. And You're welcome to spread the word.
Greetings. I am here to help Tau grow. Lets make it a good one ^.^
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