Nick Names:TiagoJanu

Belt:2 Dan Black Belt

How do you act in game: I play always trying to win more respect who ta playing with I

About how many times do you post on the forums weekly: Utimamente not posting much to post a second time I think

Do you use IRC or Skype?:I use IRC have more skype

Why are you applying for [Evil] ?: Why do I think and the clan that best matches I

Have you been banned / infracted in the past (if so, for what): From what I remember ever

Favorite mod: I love Aikido, Akidobigdojo, rkmma boxmushu and etc.

Skills outside toribash: type I like to go out with my girlfriend kkkkkkkk

What was the last Clan You Were in: yes I was in extasy to leave not found the really cool clan would like a clan that was my face as Evil
Do you have any alternative accounts: Yes

Vouchers (who would say you're good enough to get in): Tiago a friend of mine and this clan

Do you agree with the [Evil] Code: yes I fully agree
No, you seem immature and I wasn't able to understand most of this application. Also, one post? seriously?
Minecraft is full of autistic 8 year olds -Goat 2015
Sure I would take seriously tentor looking for a good clan now that I thought I will take seriously please reconfirm
I'm sorry, but I can't understand you, nor do we really like do ingame tests or anything like that. I'll let someone else decide if you're denied or not.
Minecraft is full of autistic 8 year olds -Goat 2015
i say no to your top tier app


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Hi, can you leave? you were denied. If you continue to post, I will report you.
Minecraft is full of autistic 8 year olds -Goat 2015