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[Study] Snap Kick/Kick-lifting x Uchi Mata Tutorial (ADV)
Snap Kick/Kick-lifting x Uchi Mata Tutorial

Hello guys, in this tutorial I'll try to put in your heads the basics to perform a judo move called "Uchi Mata" (it means "between thighs" in Japanese) as a counter for snap kicks and kick-lifting.


Uchi Mata is a foot technique in which you put one of your legs between your opponent thighs and throw him in a twisting motion. It is one of the most difficult techniques to perform perfectly in real life judo, and so in Toribash.

Snap kick is a kick performed in the first 2 or 3 turnframes of a match. The opponent may use one grab and he will try to dismember either your arm or your leg.

Kick-lift is very similar to snap kick except in its objective: put one leg between your thighs and lift + push you out of the dojo.

Uchi Mata has lots of variations and it is a very effective move if you have the opportunity to do it:



Step 1: Opener

In this technique, you will need to be under your opponent, for this reason you'll need inside grabs, use contracted wrists + elbows + pecs to do it.

They'll allow you to finish the throw and will keep you safe of being dq'ed through elbows if your opponent save himself.

Pic. 1

Step 2: Avoiding snap-kick/kick-lifting

Pic. 2

The most safe counter for both of them is by pushing you up and pulling your opponent down. Use your hips, ankles and pecs to push you up and use your shoulders, elbows and wrists to pull your opponent down while you try to drive his kick to "safe places" (anywhere that is not a joint).

If he is trying to kick-lift you, twist your body to hide the gap between your legs

Pics. 3 and 4

Step 3: Preparing the Uchi Mata

Ok, this is the hard step. I can't say that everybody will be able to do the thing from now on, but just don't give up, keep practicing and soon you'll be able to perform the Uchi Mata, sometimes you will get this better by improvising the move than following this tutorial, anyway...

In this step, you will put your leg between your opponent's thighs while break his balance. At the same time.

But... how?

Simply by using your knee and thigh to force your leg in.

Pic. 5 and 6

Your opponent's balance can be easily broken by hitting his hips, driving it outsides or upwards.

Once you have control of your opponent's balance, don't hesitate to perform Uchi Mata, because if you just wait, he will leave the position and ruin the move.

Step 4: The throw

Now you'll relax the leg you've put between your opponent's thighs (pay attention if you won't lose the position) and twist your body by using all your torso:

Pic. 7

Pay attention to don't lose the position while twisting your body, use your lumbar, glutes and ankles to keep the position AND your balance.

When you get the following stance, you're able to start the throw:

Pic. 8

Finally, you'll need to start the twisting motion, in this case, by contracting the hip you're using as fulcrum and maintain the rest of your body. Make adjustments if you need to.

The angle is important to maintain the stability while throwing your opponent. If you have a 80º or more, finishing the move will be impossible. The lower the angle, the easier the throw, the more number of adjustments.

If your opponent seems to be leaving the move, extend both pecs. This might keep you together to him and will give you more control.

Once again: Your lumbar, glutes and ankles are very important to keep you balance, pay attention on them.

Pic. 9

Henceforth, as I said before, you will use your inside grab in your favor.

Step 5: Finishing

You might have realized that all your torso isn't following the move. Yes, it's because we'll need the rest of its force now, when your opponent is near the ground.

Most of times you will simply slip off the ground and float while the twisting motion drives you and your opponent down.

Twist your body, extend your hip,extend your upper elbow, and contract your lower elbow:

Pic. 10 and 11

Step 6: Landing

This move is easy to counter depending on your grabs (mainly if you're using only one grab), and the opponent will be able to use your stance against you and throw you:

Pic. 12

If you just can't land on your opponent or can't avoid your opponent to counter you, be sure to prepare you body to land properly:

Pics. 13 and 14

I hope you have understood this explanation because this is my first tutorial. :v
And again, don't give up if you can't make it in your first try. This is a really hard move and it needs practice. If you can perform it in other ways it would be great.
Thanks for reading.
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