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Spar-kido hosted by Reckless

This month Reckless is hosting a new event that anyone, even non-members of Reckless can participate in!

Grab a buddy and create the best, most awesome looking sparring replay you can in a mod called Aikido.tbm and submit it below to enter the contest!

Did somebody say prizes?
But of course! The two participants of the winning replay will each receive their own pair of "Deal With It" sunglasses!

The mod must be Aikido.tbm!
You're not allowed to change rules besides reaction time.
You may only submit one replay per person.
Two players must participate in the replay.

The Judges:

24th of August, 2016
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You're not allowed to change rules(TurnFrames included) besides reaction time.
It's just a matter of hitting the brick wall enough times that it breaks, once that's done, Your training begins.
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u cant spar in aikido and are we allowed to change tf ?

that's the challenge, make the best possible looking replay in aikido
Does it have to be a spar?

Can we just like do some cool spinny shit w/ each other?
Listen :: probably a reward/knowledge code:
 You should probably listen ;3 friend. "Soon" 
I want to participate though, and I don't know anyone that can spar. I don't really see a point to this rule.
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