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How To Climb (totally not copying xlr84life on the title or the signature) <3
Hullo, I'm Rune and I like to climb things.

If you have something that you want me to climb, just post the mod below and I'll try my best to accomplish your request.

CnC is appreciated but not mandatory, a simple "Wow, you're good!" (I'm joking) with a mod link to test out my skills is preferable.

P.S. All replays are TF 5 with no shift spacing and I never grab.

Proof of authenticity:

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How To Climb.rpl (733.3 KB, 116 views)
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Climbing like you've never seen before (parody of xlr84life's thread):
P good replay my dude. Pretty nice climbing and "realism".

I dislike the contracting of your wrists fully then putting pressure on it, irl that'd hurt. I also dont like your transition from the first climb to the second.

You wanted more climbing things, have fun lol They long lol
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hoax_mental_mountainside.tbm (27.8 KB, 27 views)
Hoax_ClimbingFun.tbm (10.9 KB, 20 views)
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Called it that you'd become a god long before i even saw you run properly. Sweet stuff like always
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Ouch, the quotations marks sting man ;~; also honestly I'm trying my hardest to stop using my wrists so much but thanks for pointing it out because now I can especially try avoiding it for you in the future. (Mainly on the mountainside mod you posted, I can't guarantee anything on the other hoax mod) ;p

I see you're still trying to take your share of the glory as always :v nono but seriously thanks man, means a lot from you <3
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Climbing like you've never seen before (parody of xlr84life's thread):
Originally Posted by MagnusSol View Post

well you're better than me now

kinda disappointed in myself

Quit the lies m8, we all know you are the modern day god of toribash. How long did that climb take you? It looks beautiful.
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Uhmm... Heh... Took me an hour at best *smiles innocently*

It was really hard and exhausting though (but not quite as hard as what I did for Sora's event which looks shite tbh) so I took about 2-3 hour rest periods in between whilst my mind recuperated.

I'll be working on the Hoax_Mental_Mountainside.tbm shortly but since it's so long, I wouldn't expect the replay for about a week or two BUT knowing me I'll probably stay up till 5 AM just to get it done... But don't get false hopes

(That's a lot of butts)
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Climbing like you've never seen before (parody of xlr84life's thread):
Nice job with the climbing man.
I don't remember seeing anyone do it nearly as realistic.
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The climbing ability was dope as fuck, but it was ugly. 0 tricking. I'm disappointed.
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looked at all the replies and i really don't think you need any more praise to boost your already massive ego, but this is a hella good replay my man. excellent climbing, and really realistic for only 3-5 goes at it. please make more, i'm excited to see what you come up with
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