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Colors of the Rainbow

It's the middle of spring! The sky is blue, there's beautiful sunshine and vibrant rainbows, how lovely... but, what's this? The rainbow seems... off. Upon closer inspection, you realize that the rainbow only seems to have one color! This can't be right! In order to fix this abomination you and your fellow Toribashians must set out on a journey to find all the missing colors. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Others who have seen that the colors are missing are out to steal them for evil purposes. You can trust no one. Fight all those in your way to obtain the colors.

Your job is to fight all those in your way in an attempt to find as many missing colors as you can. Special tournies called EColors will be hosted every time a color is available and the winner of said tourney will obtain some cool prizes! Look out for in-game broadcasts as a color could be found at any time. The person with the most colors at the end of the event will receive a grand prize!

- Global rules apply.
- Only one color will be obtainable per tourney.
- Each tourney will have only one winner.
- Don't beg ES to host tourneys for this event.

Single tourney prize:
2x + relax of the color you obtained*

Grand prize:
8x + + any force out of your collected colors

*will be sent after event is over

Colors of the Rainbow will finish once all 15 colors have been found!


Missing colors

Found colors

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