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WOAH! New Lil Peep Cover! (Last Fall)


hey guys so as some of u might know i made a spotlight cover. i took ur criticisms in mind and made another cover.
i think sequels are supposed to do better than the originals so if u could show the vid some love thatd b cool.
i know my pitch is off and i need to work on volume. i feel rly self conscious about the "yet", in "you got my number yet?" i feel like its rlly flat.
plz roast me as long as its constructive so i can improve.
i already know my mic is bad i will use a good one if i ever improve my vocals
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who is "we"? i think u are in the minority. can u post on ur main acct plz or post something so i can see what skill lvl my critic is at.
Your inflections definitely need some more work, can't really tell if your tone needs to be worked on because of the filter your put on your voice. When you're an amateur it's better to focus on this stuff without putting a filter over it, or if you decide to put a filter over it, make it a small one.

When you're making a cover you don't have to try sound like the original artist, so maybe if you tried to sing naturally and then just added a small amount of reverb if you didn't like your voice, to try gain some confidence to keep going and improve. (reverb is partially why you probably like your voice a lot more when singing in the shower by the way, it's because the echos make it sound a lot nicer)
ok thank u i will look up some inflection tutorials on utube.
i am using a fl studio preset for lil peep but i lowered the opacity on the filters to like 50%
maybe i will release raw files.

ok so new and improved version is up idk if its any better tho tbh im struggling maybe ill quit.
idk might del this later idk
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If you think it's fun then quitting is dumb, if you want to improve just keep practicing, it takes time, nothing happens overnight ;P

Other than that, the effects aren't really good, I believe less reverb would be betterand perhaps a little delay. Maybe try to fix the white noice in the background, you could do that in Adobe audition quite easily. I'm not sure but I think eqing the mids and highs of your voice would improve the quality a little.
I think your out of tune aswell at some points.
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Bitches Love Cake
ok heres a raw recording if anyone feels like nitpicking. theres no filter or anything so the mistakes will b obvious. singing starts at 0:45

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