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(Budo) Budo

Budō is a Japanese term that when translated means Way Of The Warrior.

If you couldn't guess this clan is for replaymakers, primarily sparring, parkour, and tricking, but on certain occasions, people that like to destroy uke may be let in aswell.

A young boy had awoke one night in the heart of Mount Vesuvius. He discovered martial arts soon after his awakening. Martial arts spoke to this young boy, ready to guide him should he ever need guidance. He grew to become a very powerful warrior, respected by many fighters of high caliber. That boy is Israphel30.

Not too long after, another creature arose; A fat, black dragon slithered out of a vat high fructose corn syrup. He traveled, clan to clan, looking for a cause. That dragon is docdraco2.

Israphel and Doc learned of each other very quickly. The two sparred, becoming familiar with each other's style. Eventually, they worked together to establish a bond that would never break; Budō was born.

1.) The obvious stuff, if it's not allowed in toribash, or on the forums don't do it
2.)If you have a reputation for being toxic or doing things that are obviously shunned upon you probably won't make it into the clan, go ahead and apply if you've changed though. Example of shunned upon: Replay stealing.

Reach 10 members [X]
2) Reach 20 members [ ]
3) "Promote 5 trusted members to "Enlightened" [ ]
4) Have at least 2 members in each realism category [X]
5) Become official [ ]
6) Get Stance backwe miss you man...[]

If you would like to join Budō, leave an application in the Recruitment Centre

Or join our discord and message either Israphel30 or docdraco2

Huge thanks to Tripstone That donated us 50k tc!
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Hello you seem to be missing your clan aims in your post

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As a minimum though, you must include:

A story or description about your clan
The clan's aims.
If your clan is using a bank, it must be listed clearly.

If you don't fix this in 7 days your thread will be closed. Thank you
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Hello you seem to be missing your clan aims in your post

Consider it fixed, and thanks for the reminder!

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Thanks for both the wishes and the tutorial! I'll get to adding the widget right away.
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Hi I've been wanting to join this clan the only problem is the discord thing won't load. I've sat on my computer for 20 minutes waiting and still nothing, so if you could give me the code or a link to the actual discord page I would GREATLY appreciate it.
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what is this place O.o


This is library
*Walks away*
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Care to join (Budo)? Check its thread , and join us on Discord!!