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Manga Studio
Hello beautiful peoples. I am debating whether not to switch from Photoshop to manga studios.
The only concern I have is work flow. Adobe products have really well workflow when you use 2 different programs to make a beautiful piece.
Manga studios does not have this advantage which makes me less eager to switch.
Please give me your opinions!!
Photoshop is the best program right now for drawing and stuff.
I don't know what are you trying to do but most of the professionals use adobe products because they have the best quality on the market.

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Hi! I use Clip Studio Paint aka. Manga Studio 5(?).

I have also used adobe stuff.

Here is what I have to say. Photoshop and adobe stuff is ultimately more powerful than manga studio when it comes to the creation of digital art (in general), however, not by too much. When it comes to pure illustration, on the other hand, Manga Studio takes the cake by far. Soooooooo many tools man. It is crazy.

If you are big on doing things by hand (manually), and want to use more traditional inks and painting tools, Clip Studio Paint is amazing. It is flexible, completely customizable (almost overwhelmingly so), and super fun to work with.

It is pretty much the photoshop of anything comic/webtoon/anime related, and is also used by professionals in those respective genres.

also . . . clip studio always has really big sales going on, so you might be able to get it at a rather cheap price. Why not have both?

The video that converted me to clipstudiopaintism

p.s. manga studio is legit the best software for comics and manga. not photoshop.

p.p.s this software is completely specialized for illustration, and does not offer script tools of any sort. so if you are not here to draw, stick with photoshop.

p.p.p.s consider that these two programs are quite different from each other. manga studio is made for illustration. photoshop is made for, well, other stuff . . .

A bias (but still informal) article about manga studio:
And another one:
And another one:

OVERALL, Manga Studio is widely regarded to be much better than photoshop by a majority of ARTISTS (realize I didn't say graphic designers).

but . . .

if you are planning on making professional and simplistic logos and stuff like that, stick to photoshop.
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I use Clip Studio (Manga Studio 5) as well. It's a great program with many great features and you don't have to pay that pesky yearly subscription to Adobe CC.
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