Market Squad Recruitment Drive
hello the all of the clan AS, me call GuilhermeFac in the game and in the irl. I 18 years of age and game toribash since 2011 (i a time without enter but my account was created in this year kk) i live in the brazil and was interested in enter in the the ... in this simple post will talk a little about my trajectory in the game and a little about me beyond of the reason that i enter here kkk ... let's go start ... when i created the my account was well novinho and badly knew anything, who me indicated that game was a cousin and in the beginning i found he well complex took a time for i me used with the me mechanics his, but in the end gave everything certain tried create a clan of the zero (a clan brazilian but not gave very certain because due to the problems in the irl and my lack of maturity he year was for front) and after a good time i i stopped of play by almost 6 years, back with the tori that year and i entered in 2 clans in this time, uchiha and ace, as the ace died i in clan and in a attempt of search a clan new i found that clan that me interested to the see the description initial ... good by the what i saw here are for the people that has something special and do the difference then in the that me i highlight? i say that in organization, but my defect would be the english that many of the times me lose in it (me sorry if the english is bad) .. in the game i me have fun very in the way of tw (twinshord) like of innovate movements new in this way step almost 2 h daily in the room of the even (i don't know if this would be a advantage) well .. like of enter here also by the the reason of have players experienced and here is i power learn the play the modes more main for war as the abd ... good find that not let nothing missing i hope that can that average original that you ask kk thank you very much, Guilherme

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PM one of the leaders for a reason.
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Sneaky's All Stars Application

Hello members of [AS], my name is Daniel and I am here to try and explain why I would love to become a member of your community and why I think I would be a good addition, as well as some information on myself to get you all up to scratch on who I am.

About myself:

Well there isnt a whole lot about me that is too exciting, but ill attempt to fill you in on who I actually am inside and outside of toribash.

My name is Daniel and im a 19 year old born and raised in Australia (GMT +10).
Things im known for outside of toribash is being an extremely active, outgoing and confident person, which I like to think also is attatched to my attitude within the game.

My game history:

Ive been playing toribash for 7 years now, and 5 of those years I was known as DanWebb11 (namechange not alt). Ive never really been a super outstanding player but id like to consider myself 'above average'. For the past 15 months to 2 years i havent been active on the game as ive had commitments with work and my family.
As for ingame mods that i enjoy, im pretty basic; I enjoy Aikidio, ABD and ErthTK.

What can i bring to the clan and why [AS]?

I personally think i can bring a lot to the clan with ingame activity, a friend to the whole clan and I can bring a lot of game experience to the clan in addition to the already existing experience.
I chose to apply for All Stars because i think youre a bunch of great people that really know how to act in game, excel in-game and also seem like a tight-knit community.

Thanks for taking the time to read my application, I cannot wait to hear from you all and any feedback on my app.

Cheers, Sneaky.

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Accepted in [AS]
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The Intro
Hello my name's Kurt and I've been inactive for a while. my love for this game has recently been renewed and I would like to join AS

The Man the Myth The Legend
I am an 18 year old single in New York (GMT-5) . I recently graduated high school and am going to SUNY Oswego this august Studying Public Justice with a minor in theater(because I'm gay and that's mandatory for all gay students) MY hobbies Include but are not limited to Piano, Ukulele, Musical Theater, Juggling and Smash 4. I've Been Playing Toribash for About 4 years. I love playing anymod whatsoever but my favorite has to be ABD. I love making SP replays you can see them here Please give me views. I took a very long break from this game because the game stopped being fun for me. I rejoined cause recently I started to miss playing and I missed the community so I started playing again. I left Vibe/ SK8R because there pretty inactive on thread and ingame

But Why Apply and Why Should You Accept Me
Because I know Trestet I wanted to join [AS] because you guys are very active on the forum and whenever I'm ingame I always see a couple of [AS] Tags so I know you guys are active ingame. Trestet accepted you all so I'm sure you're all great people I'm pretty good ABD and I'm not bad in other mods like erthTK, normal TK, Judo frac. I'm active on the forum I tend to keep at least one tab open to the forum whenever I'm on the computer

Thanks for Reading this app
Hugs and kisses, SruX
[AS] All Stars

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Accepted in [AS]
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Hello! We have decided to make [AS] invite-only clan as of now!
This means we will be inviting people we think they will be suitable for the clan and if they want of course!

This might change at any time, but for now closing this thread and making it Invite-Only!