Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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Clan Squad is recruiting!

Hey there, the Clan Squad is looking for a few more people in our little group to help run these clans like they're supposed to be run.

What is the Clan Squad?

The Clan Squad have black usernames and act as the sole keepers of the clan branch of our community. Be it moderating the Clans section, deciding on clan policy or dealing with the clan system itself in clan war disputes or clan namechanges, it's all in the hands of the Clan Squad (and me, the clan admin).


The deadline for applications is three weeks from this post - July 3rd, 2018.

If you have any further questions, please post in the thread asking, and we'll do our best to respond. Please do not post saying that you've applied, or wishing others (or yourself) luck. We, and everyone else, don't care.

Having said that, good luck to any applicant that chooses to apply, we're looking forward to hearing from you!
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helping new members will be a huge pleasure

That's not really what clan squad does.. It's a good idea to research what exactly you're applying for beforehand, that definitely increases your chances of being accepted.
Yeah, yeah, I know exactly what the squad help does. But as I'm applying to be a leader and a clan my goal is to help members (especially the newbies)
the objective of the Help squad is clearly to help the staff (obvious) as well as the players both in the forum and in the game
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That's kinda right, but this is the Clan Squad recruitment thread.

And they help players usually. It's not that HS is only there to assist CS/MS/ES
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I'm confident I'll get ^^,helping new members will be a huge pleasure

If you wanna help new players, you should apply for Leader of the Blue Clan.

CS have another function.
our people!!! I made a mistake of ooff thread. I clicked on the recruitment of blue leaders and came to stop here I do not know how. forgive me
Now that I realized that this was recruiting thread for squad clan
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Alrighty, and with that our recruitment drive is concluded, say hi to your new clan squad members, Static and Life! Grats you two.

Thank you to everyone who sent in an app, we truly appreciate the enthusiasm. You can always reapply in the future, but at least in the very near future we aren't planning on accepting anyone, but we are always keeping our eyes on promising applicants!