Do you like challenges?
I made a replay for JDawg's comp. I used the mod made by Rutz, i'm attaching it to this post. I just want to see if someone can reach uke faster than me.
3k to the first one who posts a faster replay here.
The price is purely symbolic.
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UnRealFreeRunningEASY.tbm (2.6 KB, 26 views)
freerunfast.rpl (74.3 KB, 25 views)
I guess you meant posting here.
Oblivion: that wasn't hilarious
Oblivion: it was brilliantly complex though
Oblivion: hands down man
Oblivion: today I genuinely believe more than I ever did before
Oblivion: that you are better than me
Oblivion: gg NutHug

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Yes. I tryed to beat u, but i just couldn't
NutHug is the winner!

I'm posting 2 nice edits: a straight (more or less) running kick and a double punch.

And... my latest try at moonwalking, it's still not the final version, but i haven't posted it yet on the thread comp.
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Long run decap.rpl (104.6 KB, 13 views)
Pew pew.rpl (110.0 KB, 12 views)
moonwalk try 10.rpl (302.3 KB, 17 views)
Man, you amaze me

Especially the last 3.
The run was fab. How do you run with that gravity! Great stuff!
Pew pew was uber too. I can make split punches but ur second back punch that decapped uke was so badass :3 I never thought of doing that.
Moonwalk. Maaaaaan. Your tori actually look like he's doing the moonwalk! I was expecting some stiff walking backwards but sheesh. That is just sweet!
[A L P H A]
Well that running kick..... I can't find any words other than unparalleled. Great balance, and good speed. As for the moonwalking, I'd be shocked if you didn't win the comp.
That punch combo leaves something to be desired though. Still looked great.
u wan fite bruv ill mash yer fokn ead in sware on me mum
It's strange to notice that my moonwalking replays in the event board have 160 views while the one i posted here has 5.

Btw, following the wave of new wushuers i'm posting here some of my favorite wushu fights of all time: long and intense fights with lots of fracs.
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Backflips.rpl (65.6 KB, 11 views)
One versus Zackerie.rpl (82.9 KB, 7 views)
Crazy split.rpl (63.4 KB, 10 views)